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Jan 26, 2005 08:09 AM

Best order at Virgil's

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OK Boys and Girls -
What is the best thing(s) to order at Virgil's Real Barbecue?


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  1. i love their savannah salad ... it has bacon and blue cheese and candied pecans. i've not gotten it for a while though. it is a dinner-sized salad. i also like their pulled pork. i usually get a two meat combo w/ at least one of them being pulled pork. other item for me is usually some kind of ribs. also years ago i used to like the bbq shrimp, that was when i was not eating meat and i'd come w/ a group: 6 jumbo shrimp on a skewer w/ spicy seasoning.

    sides-wise i like the baked beans, collard green and sometime the mac 'n' cheese or mashed potatoes. oh, for starters i like the hushpuppies w/ maple butter.

    i anticipate a bbq debate w/ this thread, usually happens, eh? :-)

    1. Onion rings, Anchor Stream on tap, cheese grits, and lamb.

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        I agree about the lamb. It has an interesting mustardy BBQ sauce.

      2. I like the chicken wings.

        1. I liked the pulled pork--it was saucy and yummy, much better than the dry, fatty brisket. Portions are real big.

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            Elaine (Snutteplutten)

            I always eat a lot of the jalepeno popper appetizer. They have no gourmet value. They are fried, not that spicy and the cheese is not high-quality. They are nonetheless really really really enjoyable, and we always end up reordering.

            I also like the mashed potatos and the biscuits w/ honey butter (the biscuits are kinda heavy, but the honey butter is really yummy).

            I don't care for the meat there, but I think you make a carboriffic meal out of the sides.

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              I agree. Sides is the way to go. Also, the vodka lemonade was good.