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Jan 16, 2005 07:22 PM

WaWa Canteen on mercer? anyone been yet?

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Relatively new place i guess, opened up on mercer and waverly. NY Mag gave it a good write up, has anyone been yet?

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  1. Been there. My reaction: "eh". Had the kimchee stew, and some green tea (mistakenly gave me regular tea). Not as good, but just as expensive, as Mandoo Bar on University, which I would go to any day over Wawa.

    1. Yes. Yuck yuck yuck, don't bother. I got a bibimbop, which was essentially a bowl of rice with some veggies, a few slimy bean sprouts and bagged mesculun (!). No egg! And totally lukewarm. Besides, the atmosphere at Wawa feels like a hipster fast food joint with bad clubby electronic music..

      I miss the old korean place that used to be there. That guy's cooking was great.

      My favorite korean in the neighborhood is now Temple, which is on St. Marks near 1st ave. They have good lunch specials, they're happy to make anything vegetarian, and they're just friendly

      1. I live a couple of doors down and there is hardly ever a soul in the place. The old restaurant that was there was great, but I don't think Wawa will be around for long.

        1. Yes, I saw the review and had a completely opposite
          reaction to my meal there: it was soggy mesclun mixed with tough strips of greasy beef and some rice.
          The only saving grace was the hot sauce, with which I was able to drown out the flavors!
          That was the bibimbop.

          I'll never go back..and I'm going to be much more skeptical of NY Mag.

          1. I tried it and didn't feel the need to report about it here. I tried a chicken curry and it wasn't the best. The chicken tasted nuked or something and the curry was pasty/thick.

            I gave the menu to a colleague, maybe she'll have better luck. I miss the old place as well.