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Jan 11, 2005 12:37 PM

West Village - Cheap cheap cheap

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Looking for a cheap, very casual, quick eat place in the West Village, ideally near the Lucille Lortel Theater on Christopher Street.

All West Village hounds, please help! Thanks.

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  1. Westville meets all your needs perfectly!

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    1. re: Raymond

      For more cheapness, I like the chicken tandoori and potato wraps at the Kati Roll Company. They are something like five bucks each.

    2. I second Westville, for fancied-up diner food.

      There's also Pepe Verde near there, a quick-service pasta joint. Very very good, considering the prices for pasta are well under $10.

      If you're willing wander a ways, try a naanini at the Indian Bread Co. (It's like a panini, but with naan bread and paneer cheese).

      Also, don't forget Joe's Pizza on Carmine St. This place is a legend.

      1. Not sure exactly where the theater is, but for cheap and good you can't beat Mamoun's Falafel on MacDougal. $2 for a falafel sandwich.

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        1. re: tweedy

          Respectfully, the falafel at Ali Baba's across the street is better. Mamoun's does better schwarma and baklava though.

          1. re: Boots

            I absolutely agree. The falafel at Mamoun's is overrated, Ali Baba's is much better. I can't weigh in on the schwarma because I haven't tried it at either place.

            1. re: Boots

              agree - ali b's is better than mamoun's. A good 8 - 10 minute hike though to Christopher from there (I used to live across from LL theater many moons ago)

          2. Moustache is a small, middle-eastern (check address but it's close) that has homemade pita and good food.

            There's also a cheap Turkish place on 7th Ave. South & Grove.

            1. Around the corner from the Lucille Lortel theater (on Hudson Street) going uptown is a pita joint (sorry can't recall the name) that is cheap and very good and has a few tables. It's wedged near a liquor store and a corner bar. They even have a good deal on salmon and roast chicken and you can't get any chicken than this unless you eat pizza. No liquor but maybe BYOB or beer.

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              1. re: Flynn

                I meant to say 'cheaper' not 'chicken' :) Yikes - it's been a long day!