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Jan 3, 2005 11:15 AM


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Has any tried a Malaysian restaurant called Nyonya on Grand Street? Some friends have invited us out to dinner there and I'm wondering if any chowhounders can recommend favorite dishes, etc.

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  1. i love nyonya. the hainan chicken is my favorite if you like that dish. but otherwise the pearl noodles and the stingray wrapped in lotus leaf are faves. and of course the roti canai for appetizer! for dessert, i love the chendol.

    1. Roti canai for appetizer.

      Mango shrimp/chicken, taro bird nest, char kway teow, fried rice with salted fish, rendang, chicken curry, coconut shrimp, and kangkung blacan.

      Get the longan fruit drink too. YUM.

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        At Nyona, I had popiah ("poh piah" $4.95), char kway teow ("char kueh teow" $5.95). Popiah was a little on the soggy side, good toppings, and char kueh teow was made without the wide kway teow rice noodles. OTHER than that, they were both very good.

        I also had laksa.

        (Sorry - I only remembered to take pictures after a few chopstickfuls)

        1. re: grocerytrekker

          Oh, and I had cendol ("chendol") for dessert.
          Looked exactly like the gray slushy snow piles happening on the sidewalks :)

          Tasty syrupy coconut milk shaved ice (not fine crystals), so-so green jelly. Red beans were all right, but I never got whole red beans for dessert. I momentarily forgot I wasn't in the tropics when I ordered it. It can be fun, but this dessert isn't for everyone.

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            199 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

        2. The mango chicken is the best thing I've had there, in a rather limited experience. But it was good.

          1. I only ate there once, but I was not impressed. I had the aforementioned mango chicken and it was essentially chicken with mango and ketchup sauce. I also had a crab dish that had cooked crabs in the shell so tiny you needed tweezers to get the meat out. The sauce on the crabs was good though. I've had better meals at Overseas Asian on Canal street.

            1. The Brooklyn branch at 5323 8th Ave. (at 53rd St.) is outstanding, and dirt cheap. Parking, however, is impossible, and it's a long way from the subway.

              If the NYC version is anywhere near as good, it's a destination place.