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Jan 3, 2005 01:50 AM

Lady M

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on 41 East 78th Street. Has anyone tried their cakes? I think their mille crepes is famous, but everything is so expensive there. What are your thoughts? Thank you.

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  1. Wow! $62 for a cake! That had better be one incredibly delicious cake! I have purchased
    cakes that are utterly sublime for $25.

    But...with all the wealth that exists in Manhattan, I'm sure the cakes will fly off the shelves.

    1. We ordered the mille crepes cake for X-mas, and it was DELICIOUS--one of the best tortes I have had. The $62 is well worth it for a special event splurge. I can't wait to check out the store.

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      1. re: Lucia

        We also bought the mille crepes cake for christmas and not only was the staff completely obnoxious (we we decided to take the smaller size cake after contemplating the larger 10 inch cake) but it doesn't taste any better than the typical mille crepes cake that you can get at a decent bakery anywhere in tokyo or seoul.

        High-end japanese bakeries are new for NY but I think they're overcharging way too much.

        1. re: CC

          I see. I suspected that they are overcharging. I'm trying to find a good mille crepes cake. I had a green tea mille crepes cake at MEGU (oooh, that was special!) and now I have to have more mille crepes (but alas, can't afford MEGU..)

          1. re: ponkikki

            I've seen the Lady M truck outside of Megu, so I suspect that's the source of their mille crepes.

            1. re: Rachel M.

              Seriouslly?! THANK YOU!
              Of I go to the Lady M! But, I'm somewhat disappointed if Megu didn't have their own pastry chef... hmm.

          2. re: CC

            I did not know that Lady M was a Japanese bakery. Then why do all the cakes have French names? Just for the sake of pretentiousness?

            1. re: marydawnj

              No, it's millecrepe even in Japan.The cake has been famous for nearly 2 decades there. A cafe called Paper Moon in Tokyo opened Lady M in NY. Don't know their logic behind overcharging (even in Tokyo it's less than $64 a cake). The Japanese are really good at making french confectioneries. So there are a lot of cake shops with french named cakes there.

        2. Had a slice of strawberry cake there that was $8--not bad but definitely not worth that price.

          1. I really enjoy their millecrepe and also it makes a great gift for dinner/bday parites, etc. I agree w/others the price is steep but everyone has always loved it when I brought it as gifts. It's always a big hit w/everyone and most of the time it's a new dessert no one has ever tried. I also found this interesting article in the nytimes:


            1. I love Lady M cakes, it's expensive, but sitting down at their cafe and having a piece of cake with their hot chocolate is one of my favorite treats. It's hard to get a table because the place is small, but so far I have tried the mille crepes, the pumpking cake and the caramel - all delicious.