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Dec 26, 2004 03:38 PM

Casual dining around 14th St. and 7th ave?

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I'm looking for a place to have dinner tomorrow night with a friend. I'm expected to be at Flannery's (205 w. 14th) that evening for drinks, hence the address-based request. We are flexible on all other matters -- relatively casual is preferred, since I'll be dressed to go to a pub. All cuisines welcome.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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  1. meatingpacking not far away, crispo, gonzo, all dreessed up to go to a pub????

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    1. re: doc

      Hahahaha -- no, by "dressed for a pub" I meant I'm hoping to wear jeans to dinner so that I don't look overdressed at drinks.

      Thank you all for your suggestions -- I sent all your ideas to my friend. I will post where we wind up and how we like it.. that is, if I can still remember post-drinking.



      1. re: Adrienne

        Another comfort-foody place I like is Cafeteria on 17th and 7th. Everything from salads to (good) burger and fries.

      2. re: doc

        I used to really like Raymond's Café when it was on 23rd St. and followed it to its current loacation on 7th Ave. at 15th St. where I was also very pleased. I've not been there in a few years, so I can't say if it went downhill, but I think it would be worth a try, given your criteria.

      3. Depending upon price range etc, here are some stand-bys places in that vicinity:

        Cafe Loup - (W. 13th) French-ish, bistro-ish, maybe pricier than you're looking for but always reliable.

        Bar Six (6th Ave & 12th) Good drinks, an-always pleasing chicken tagine.

        La Taza D'Oro (8th, 14th & 15th) - Yellow Rice, Red Beans and the daily special. Cafe Con Leche before you go out drinking.

        Popeye's (14th Street)- Seriously

        Le Zie (7th & 20th?) - Italian (semi-Venetian) One of the few places you can get good pici around.

        La Taqueria (Greenwich Ave, near 12th Street) - Surprisingly good Mexican fare. Comfortable place to dine alone.

        Those are what come quickly to mind. I'm sure someone will have a more definitive list.


        1. VatelsSous has given you some good suggestions. doc's idea about the Meatpacking District isn't a bad one either, but that can turn into an expensive night out pretty quickly.

          A few more from a neighborhood resident, all (coincidentally) on Greenwich Avenue, just a couple blocks south of 7th Ave and 14th St:

          89 Greenwich Ave (near Bank St)

          American with occasional Latin influences; comfort food. Nice salads; the roasted duck is really good. Strong drinks at the bar.

          Cafe de Bruxelles
          118 Greenwich Ave (corner W 13th St)

          Excellent moules frites and Belgian ales. Other menu items somewhat uneven, but the mussels and fries can't be beat.

          55 Greenwich Ave (at Perry St)

          Very affordable, casual Italian; very good pastas and sandwiches, pretty good seafood dishes. One of the best values in the neighborhood.

          - er


          1. CRISPO ROCKS!! Closer to 8th Ave & 14th St.

            Cafe Asean has a nice atmosphere, Asian cuisine and easy on the wallet (Greenwich Ave)