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Dec 20, 2004 04:20 PM

good food for monday night football, pref on UWS?

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I want to take my boyfriend out to watch monday night football tonight (we don't have a TV and his favorite team is playing) and grab a few (non-budweiser) beers and some (yummy) bar snacks in the process.

-not crazy crowded
-a place to sit in view of the TV
-a decent beer selection and tasty food

We live near Columbia U, so anywhere on the UWS would be preferable...

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!!!

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  1. I would say the Abbey pub on 105 just east of b'way should fit your needs. they have decent snacks and stuff, and a better than decent bottled beer selection, two tv's at the bar and one above a table in the back, should not be too busy with most of the columbia folk I imagine on break.

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      why not check out the new Dinosaur BBQ....they had tv's in the bar, the pulled pork sandwich was very good