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Oct 17, 2002 06:44 PM

How is Campton Place doing?

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How come no one talks about Campton Place anymore whenever the subject of high-end restaurants comes up? It's always Gary Danko, La Folie, Fifth Floor, Aqua, Aquerello, Masa and The Dining Room. (Am I missing anyone?)

Campton Place used to be always mentioned together with the above. Then they had a renovation and "vanished." Last time I ate there about two years ago, it definitely would stand up to any of the above (both in quality and prices). The service was a bit formal, I recall, but not intolerable. The wine steward did an excellent job, I remember.

I also had breakfast there shortly before that and that was quite memorable. Again, the service was a bit restrained (like they wanted to give some privacy which is understandable in a dining room of a fancy hotel) but everything was first-rate. Coffee, teas, breads, jams and pastries were excellent.

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    Paul Homchick

    "How come no one mentions Campton Place?" Good question. Not long ago, it was reviewed favorably in the Chronicle. It also seems to have undergone yet another rennovation.

    It would be interesting to hear a comparison of Solea and Campton Pl. from a recent visitor.


    1. I agree. Campton Place is one of our favorite restaurants. We live in Napa Valley and have a large choice of excellent restaurants, but CP still remains on my list of terrific places. I always pick it as my choice for a special birthday dinner.
      Every meal we've had there has been memorable, which is more than I can say for many other places which turn out to be disappointing, noisy, snooty or forgetable. One of CP's draws is service and the care with which their food is presented. Their wine list is very full and not especially expensive.
      I suppose some of my feelings are colored by our first experience at CP. We struck up a friendly conversation with a radiologist who was dining alone at the table beside us, and I commented on his excellent taste in ordering a glass of Chateau d'Yquem with his dessert. After he left we ordered dessert--and the waiter brought us two glasses of this same wonderful wine, paid for in advance by our new "friend" that we never had a chance to thank! (The wine was $40 a glass!!)
      It just proves that there are still some very fine and generous people in this world....

      1. A group of us is going there on Oct. 27th for a birthday and pre-symphony dinner. I will post a review if I have time.

        1. I had a meal at campton place few nites ago and it was bit disapointing. presentation of all the plates were work of an art but food just didnt taste good. service was ok food hmmmm

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            Perhaps this has something to do with it:

            From the Chronicle last Wednesday:
            "Changeup: A new chef is on the horizon for Campton Place (340 Stockton St., near Sutter). The restaurant parted ways this week with Peter Rudolph, who took over in early 2006 after Chronicle four-star chef Daniel Humm left for New York to head up Eleven Madison Park.

            A Campton Place spokesman says the restaurant is finalizing a contract with a chef who brings "an international reputation." If all goes well, we should know the name of the mystery chef very soon.

            The restaurant will also get a slight "refreshment," the spokesman said, along with new glassware, china and flatware. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces bought Campton Place hotel and restaurant from the Kor Hotel Group in April.

            In the meantime, Campton Place remains open, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Sous chef Gavin Schmidt heads up the kitchen."

            1. re: Ian F

              I went to Campton Place last night for thanksgiving dinner. EASILY one of the TOP 3 biggest ripoffs of my life. I am a cook and an industry professional in San Francisco and I am thoroughly disappointed with the slapdash manner in which my table was treated. It seems to me that if a restaurant is going to charge $105 for a four course meal, it better be one of the best meals of my life. This was something I could have replicated at home and eaten HOT. As a cook, serving hot food to customers is the next most important thing to preparing the dish perfectly. The duck terrine was probably the best plate all night. The parsnip soup was more like a sauce, and the dungeness crab ravioli was flavorless (dungeness crab has no flavor to begin with). The beef plate was the most ridiculous plate I've ever seen. The puree of chestnut was filmed-over which means the plate had been sitting in the window for a few minutes before they actually finished the plate and the vegetable were on the corners of the plate (2 pieces of broccoli di cicco), which meant they got ice-cold by the time we were given the plate. At least the beef was cooked properly, but again, it too was luke warm to cold when i took my FIRST bite. We asked for cheese, 3 cheeses, and received three of the smallest portions of cheese I have ever seen. We asked the woman if this portion size was normal for 3 people, and she said we ordered a 3-cheese plate. Now, at my restaurant, based on the number of people dining, we give an appropriate amount of cheese, no matter what number of cheeses they ordered. She brought us another plate, free of charge. How nice. Dessert hardly was worth remembering, and I hope I forget it because that means I'll have more room in my brain to remember other things. It was a 'mincemeat streusel' which had raisins and other fruit, along with, curry. Yes, curry. Thank god one of us got the other option for dessert.... a brownie a la mode....Sadly, this blew away the rest of the meal. Had they served brownies for thanksgiving dinner, I would have gladly accepted. At the end of the night, after a mere 15% tip, the bill was over $500. For 3 people. This is just sad. I'll never go back and I can only hope somebody from the restaurant reads this because you should be ashamed of how half-assed you treated your customers.

              1. re: a311bro

                I think holiday dinners, even in fine dining rooms, are just doomed. My parents and I ate at the Ritz on Wednesday night and Silks (at the Mandarin Oriental) on Thursday, and both meals were sub-par. As you say, we paid premium prices, so it's doubly disappointing.


                1. re: a311bro

                  My earlier post was unnecessarily harsh. Did I think the meal could have been better considering the circumstances? Yes. Was it awful - no. I will definitely go back and see what the restaurant has to offer during normal service, as holidays are very strenuous on the restaurant as a whole. Again, my apologies for being excessively harsh and rude.

                2. re: Ian F

                  I used to work at the Campton Place Hotel (not the restaurant) in the hey day of Bradley Ogden and later, Jan Birnbaum. Talk about world class food!!! It's beem some years since I ate there but I was having lunch with a friend (and bon vivant gourmaund) at Seasons in the Four Seasons Hotel on Market. He told me that recently the Campton Place has really gone down hill. It's too bad.
                  Now, Seasons... it's the new Campton Place.

              2. probably the same reason everybody does talk about 11 madison park in new york now...Humm

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                  This thread is so old, the original post was written pre-Humm.