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Dec 14, 2004 09:17 AM

Chennai Garden

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Went to Chennai Garden in curry hill this weekend for rava and paper dosas and uttapam. Was impressed with the dosas and sambar but thought the chutney could have been tastier. Are there other dosa restaurants that are better? I thought Chennai Garden was much better than Pongal.

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  1. That's about right - If you find a better place in Manhattan let us know.

    1. I don't know a better place for high-quality food at such an affordable price--what a gem!

      (If anyone does know of such a place, please post immediately!!)

      1. I've had the lunch buffet at Chennai Garden 3-4 times (I live in the area) but I am continually dissapointed. The price is GREAT and I really, really want to like it (that's why I have gone back all those times) but I just find it to be underwhelming. All the items are pretty bland and nothing stands out - just seems like quantity over quality.

        Am I missing something? Those of you that love the place, do you love it for the buffet or is there something on the regular menu that I should try next time (I've only tried the buffet thus far)?

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          It's really a South Indian restaurant (Chennai is the Indian name for Madras), so I always stick to the South Indian favorites like dosas and uppathams. I think its right up there with Udupi Palace for those items, but both are somewhat behind Saravanaas. Still, a good choice when Saravanaas is swamped.

        2. I am not particularly thrilled with the decor of this place.. but the food is good... i get the mysore rava masala dosa (not for the faint hearted) .. its spicy and its good.. i really enjoy it.. crispy enough but not hard.. and perfect.
          the owner is quite friendly and lives upstairs.. he can be a bit of a chatterbox and not really let u eat especially if you are indian.. but i think its a way for him to connect to others from india..
          ill be going back

          1. Try Saravanaas, just around the corner from Chennai Garden. I think it's got the most good dishes in Curry Hill, and the best mix of starches and sauced entrees. For dosas only, I'm still not sure I've found any better than Udupi Palace.

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            1. re: Dave Feldman

              I strongly second the rec of Saravanaas, which has never disappointed me.