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Dec 7, 2004 10:59 AM

Doyers Vietnamese Restaurant

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Have been hearing a lot about this place.
Is it any good?
What do you recommend?
How is the atmosphere?

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  1. My girlfriend likes the pho bo, and I enjoyed the bo luc lac, though I cannot claim to be an expert. The last time I was there, which was during the summer, you could get a halo halo with durian, if that catches your fancy.

    There is no atmosphere to speak of - it's down in a basement and functional - but I'd go back for the food.


    1. "Is it any good?" We really like it. It can be very good if you order right.

      "What do you recommend?" Beef jerky papaya salad, shrimp summer rolls, grilled shimp paste on sugarcane

      "How is the atmosphere?" Horribly tacky.

      1. The curried tofu, eggplant and stringbeans that is always a special is delicious.

        1. chicken curry, summer rolls, grilled beef on a stick, shrimp rice crepe, chicken or beef sate (this is not on a stick it is more of curry style dish)...
          we have eaten there maybe a hundred times (including when it used to be called vietnam) and there are very few things we did not like.

          1. g

            Tried it last week-the frog's legs were good as were the summer rolls. The shrimp/pork crepe was unusual. Very good but i prefer Nha Trang