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Dec 6, 2004 07:42 PM

UWS pizza near 96th

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Can anyone recommend a good take out pizza place on the Upper West Side that can deliver to area near 96th and RSD?

The following we have tried and are horrible: Cheesy Pizza, Hot and Crusty (both above 96), Perfecto.

These are OK: Pizzabolla and Famous Famiglia

Any place that makes them like Grimaldi's in Brooklyn near the Brooklyn Bridge?

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    I have no idea if they deliver, but Sal and Carmine's on Bway around 100th is BY FAR the best pizza on the UWS in my opinion. As good as Grimaldi's? Definitely not. But a darn good pie nonetheless? Definitely.

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    1. re: I_<3_NYC_FOOD
      Alexandra Halsey

      It's good pizza, but unfortunately the don't deliver.


      1. re: I_<3_NYC_FOOD

        Sal & Carmine's does NOT deliver.

      2. I think that Pizzabolla is the best that delivers in the area but you have already tried them.

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          legally blonde

          Koronet on B'way btwn. 110th & 111th...My mom says it's like the pizza she had growing up in Brooklyn.

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          1. re: legally blonde

            I second Koronet. And the slices are HUGE--a bang for your buck.

            1. re: abud

              Do they deliver? I used to live next door, so I never tried.

              1. re: piccola

                I'm not sure. I used to live really close too, so never tried.

          2. I think the place is called Cafe Viva, on Broadway north of 97th. In addition to the regular kind of pizza, they also make wheat-free pizzas with vegetarian ingredients. That's what I'm familiar with and I love it.

            1. Any newcomers or updates over the last three years? Will be in the area next month. TIA.