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UWS pizza near 96th

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Can anyone recommend a good take out pizza place on the Upper West Side that can deliver to area near 96th and RSD?

The following we have tried and are horrible: Cheesy Pizza, Hot and Crusty (both above 96), Perfecto.

These are OK: Pizzabolla and Famous Famiglia

Any place that makes them like Grimaldi's in Brooklyn near the Brooklyn Bridge?

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    I have no idea if they deliver, but Sal and Carmine's on Bway around 100th is BY FAR the best pizza on the UWS in my opinion. As good as Grimaldi's? Definitely not. But a darn good pie nonetheless? Definitely.

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      Alexandra Halsey

      It's good pizza, but unfortunately the don't deliver.


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        Sal & Carmine's does NOT deliver.

      2. I think that Pizzabolla is the best that delivers in the area but you have already tried them.

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          legally blonde

          Koronet on B'way btwn. 110th & 111th...My mom says it's like the pizza she had growing up in Brooklyn.

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            I second Koronet. And the slices are HUGE--a bang for your buck.

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              Do they deliver? I used to live next door, so I never tried.

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                I'm not sure. I used to live really close too, so never tried.

          2. I think the place is called Cafe Viva, on Broadway north of 97th. In addition to the regular kind of pizza, they also make wheat-free pizzas with vegetarian ingredients. That's what I'm familiar with and I love it.

            1. Any newcomers or updates over the last three years? Will be in the area next month. TIA.

              1. Sal & Carmine's is great -- alas, I still think they don't deliver.

                Our second choice (and what we get for delivery) is Daniello's on Columbus and 94/95 or so. The pizza always has a nice char, which I like.

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                  By far, the best pizza in the area that delivers (otherwise I would have said Sal and Carmine's) is Caesar's Palace. I don't know the exact location but I believe it's around 84th or 85th. I live on 96th and West End and we get their delivery pretty often, so I know they'll deliver to you.

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                    i very strongly recommend new pizza town on W78 and broadway. i would guess they deliver to your location. i think they have the best pizza uptown, by far. i have tried all the places mentioned above but their pizza is so much better and they are open really late. i also recommend broadway pizza which is on brdwy and 103rd. i haven't been there in several months. they are not nearly as good as new pizza town but they are still good, they deliver and they close at 2am (last i heard). please keep us posted.

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                      I love New Pizza Town too (I used to live on 79th and ordered from them all the time). But I didn't think they delivered up to 96th. Definitely check them out, because I could totally be mistaken as to their delivery range.

                2. Garlic Bobs on 84th and Columbus has a great fresh Mozzarella pie. The regular pie is okay, but a bit greasy.

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                    Deans on 84th and Browadway. Believe it or not Hot and Crusty is pretty good too. 87th and Broadway.

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                      The square pie at Dean's is the one getting all the kudos. The round, not so much. I've only had the square and it is delicious. Nice crust.

                      1. re: floretbroccoli

                        i have heard many good reviews over dean's square pie. has their service improved? after what i've heard, i'd be inclined to carry out a pie.

                        1. re: nativeNYer

                          Isn't this thread about take-out pizza?

                          I haven't been to Dean's; have had their square, "grandma" pie via delivery.

                  2. Based on what I've read, I'm leaning towards Sal & Carmine's, but are they full-service (waitered), order at the counter and carry to your table, or carryout only? We have two small kids and are staying in a hotel, so we'd like to be able to eat at the pizza place (at a decent-sized table) if at all possible.

                    With seating being a priority and putting pizza quality aside for a moment, any of the places discussed in this thread I should absolutely consider (or avoid)? TIA.

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                      No waiter. Carryout or order at the counter and carry to your table only. Cramped space; zero decor. But you should "absolutely consider" it.