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Dec 6, 2004 04:46 PM

Mariage Freres Tea

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I'm a huge fan of Mariage Freres Teas, which I used to find at Dean & DeLuca in Soho. They can no longer get them - or so they say - and I only find them when I return to San Francisco to see family. Does anyone know where to find them in Manhattan or Brooklyn?
If you don't know this tea, it's amazingly aromatic and very tastey (my favorites: Marco Polo, Ruschka, Eros, Buddha Bleu) and have the most beautiful packaging which makes them great for gift giving.
Thanks so much, I love this service!

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  1. c
    Caitlin McGrath

    Williams Sonoma stores carry at least a few varieties of Mariage Freres in tins.

    1. they have a few varieties of Mariage Freres at Balduccis on west 66th street.

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        I think they closed that store, along with the 14th street store. But I know Balduccis on 14th St. carried the teas when they were still open.

      2. b

        they carry it at the Garden of Eden in Brooklyn Heights (after a short hiatus), and i would imagine at their other locations.

        also available at Bergdorf's, top floor...

        1. try online at - they seem to be low on stock right now, but usually they have a great selection.