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Dec 2, 2004 01:44 PM

sexiest restaurant in manhattan?

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what do you all think the "sexiest" restaurant is in manhattan? not romantic, but sexy.

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  1. good question,hmmmmm...

      1. re: Donna F

        I thought Al Goldstein worked at the 2nd Ave. Deli, though? ;)

        I'm confused by the question. Sexy, as in sexy staff and clientele? Or sexy, as in a sensual, almost erotic dining experience? Or some combination?

        1. re: c212

          the experience - food, decor, drinks, etc. not the waitstaff.

          1. re: red

            ...and all those heaping mounds of wet, cured meat. Yum!

          2. re: c212

            Me too (confused). Does OP mean "restaurants that make you want to have sex"? Well, once at a far west side diner I actually heard people getting it on in the bathroom, but I wouldn't call the place "sexy."

          3. re: Donna F

            Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes ,yes! (Don't you remember that scene from when Harry Met Sally?)

            1. re: bobjbkln

              Yes -- I'll have what she's having!

          4. The Red Rooster on Avenue A near 13th Street I think. DEFINITELY, THE sexiest place in the city.

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            1. The Strip House or Dylan Prime.Scores also serves food but I don't think that is what you are looking for.

              1. I'll take this one seriously. One candidate is Kittichai, Thai in Soho; others are Asiate in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel or Chez es Saada in the east village.

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                1. re: xavier

                  agree, chez es saada, a long time fave

                  1. re: xavier

                    Kittichai has great atmosphere but the food is only so so.