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Nov 29, 2004 08:30 PM

Who still makes a credible version of Wor Shu Opp

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Wor Shu Opp is still my guilty passion but Cantonese food and this old "wor horse" are out of fashion and it's hard to find it on a menu, let alone find it well made.

However some other long-memoried, discerning chowhound must know where the good stuff is still to be had. Any suggestions ? Thanks

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  1. They definitely have it on the menu at Jade Mountain, on 2nd Avenue around 13th Street, though I have no idea if it's any good.

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    1. re: Chorus Girl
      Susan Thomas

      Tried it at Jade (albeit several years ago) -- think Duck Jerky :) I've had in the city (though not as good as it used to get) is Cafe Evergreen on 1st and 69th.

      1. re: Susan Thomas

        Tried Jade Mountain and their sauce is the best but it is mock duck.

        Tried Canton and the Duck was good but the sauce wasn't right.

        This weekend - I tried Hop Kee and both the duck and the sauce was not good. The duck was not crispy and was full of fat and the sauce was just a brown sauce.

        Still on the hunt for Wor Shu Opp

      2. re: Chorus Girl
        wor shu opp fan

        omg i LOVE wor shu opp!!! the New Hong Ying on Mott made the BEST wor shu opp... unfortunately they are now closed. my family & i had been going there for over 20 yrs. believe me i was devastated!

        soooo i am now finding that it is close to impossible to even find it. i've been walking thru chinatown looking at menus w/o much success at finding it. :-/

        is it considered "old style cantonese"?

        in any case, if anyone out there can help us track a place down, it would be much appreciated. i haven't had it in 'bout 3-4 yrs now.

      3. Hop Lee doesn't have it on the menu but will make it if you ask. My bf still loves it...

        1. What is it?