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Nov 27, 2004 11:42 PM


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Hi, I am a big fan of South American fruits and smoothies. I was wondering, has anyone found a guanabana smoothie? It seems they only make them from frozen concentrate, but I'd love to find some fresh guanabana or cherimoya (known as custard apple or sour-sop). I also like the Amazon fruit acai, very rich and dark. I get the smoothies at W 4th and 6th Avenue, but sometimes these smoothies are overcome with strawberry and banana which they put into the mixture. Any Brazilians or other South Americans out there who can advise? Much obliged!

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  1. Fresh guanabana is banned from entry by the USDA...although I once, in a rare twist, bought one from a tropical truck somewhere in Brooklyn. No one loves it more than me, and it makes some mighty good potent potable when mixed with Dominican rum.

    Cherimoyas can be purchased in most high-end fruit stores or Food Emporium.

    Acai?...what is it?...Ackee?...if so, then try Church Avenue near Ocean Avenue.

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      Acai is an Amazon berry, it can be bought frozen in packs in most supermarkets, and as I say I get the smoothie in the Village. But, I wondered whether there were other ways to prepare the smoothie as the strawberry and banana kind of overwhelm the flavor.

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        Acai can only be purchased frozen in the states as it is highly persihable. Sambazon seems to be the main supplier of frozen Acai in the states. There are some Acai recipes on their website:

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      1. Try Jackson Heights as well.

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          Margon in Midtown makes a guanabana smoothie, and it's a great one, I regularly go there for lunch. Having grown up in Miami, this place is there for my weekly Cuban fix.

          136 W. 46th Street (between 6th and 7th ave)

        2. You can buy frozen açaí in Buzios at 46th Street bet. 5th and 6th Aves. Rio Bonito Market in Astoria also has it, it's a Brazilian supermarket.

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            I sometimes find guanábana on the bodega next to the Kingsbridge Station of subway #4 in El Bronx. In general I buy it frozen for batidas, or wait until Christmas and buy them in Puerto Rico to make make tostones de guanábana and guanábana marmalade...

          2. Essex Street market - a great find - the market has been there for approx 100 yrs and the shake stand at least 30