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Nov 13, 2004 09:35 AM

here's a guide to restaurants with thanksgiving dinner specials

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the board gets lots of requests about restaurants that have thanksgiving dinner specials. below is a link to the manhattan users guide resource that lists a few of the more pricey options.


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  1. both citysearch and nymetro have lists of restaurants as well, plus prices, etc.

    1. Looking for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for five since we'll be in Manhattan for that week. Parade first, dinner second! Appreciate any suggestions.

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        I got married last year, Wednesday before Thanksgiving... My in-laws were in town from the west coast so we all opted for a night out...

        Had a traditional dinner at North Square in the Washington Square Hotel. Food was good to very good, service was surprisingly very good (on a holiday) and they accomodated my VERY picky 7 year old niece and my brother, who are both vegetarians, without complaint.

        Pease note: I did call in advance to discuss this with them after making my ressie on opentable. They assured me it would be no trouble to find something for my niece (pasta with sauce, I think) and there were vegetarian options to choose from, mostly wonderful vegetable preparations and terrific salads with blue cheese, walnuts, cranberries, etc.

        We chose this place for both the warmth and history of the location, the menu, as well as the moderate cost of the meal, compared to some others. We had had a BIG night, the night before and we were all beat.

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          Thanks. I'll call them to find out the details.