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Oct 8, 2002 06:03 PM

Breakfast in Stern Grove area?

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Two Boston hounds will be visiting SF next week. We'll be staying with family, but will probably want to get out for breakfast once or twice. Our relatives live near the Stern Grove. Major streets are Sloat Blvd., Portola Drive, Ocean Ave. Anything special in the area? Or just a good ol' eggs-n-bacon place? TIA

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  1. There's not much special in the area for breakfast. There are a few bacon and egg places, though, on West Portal Avenue: Village Grill (very popular on the weekends) and the Manor Cafe (closed on Sundays). There always seems to be a line in front of Cafe for All Seasons, but we stopped going there years ago because of the noise level and the crowded tables.

    If you have a chance to go to a dinner place in the area, please give Spiazzo (also on W.Portal) a try. It's our favorite local Italian restaurant. Always good and reliable.

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      My husband and I used to live in Twin Peaks area and we LOVED Spiazzo dearly! Nice to hear people are still enjoying it.
      I think Cafe For All Seasons is pretty good. I like their muffins/bread, and I always thought they had excellent quality eggs (really fresh perhaps?) and bacon. A little more fancy than...
      ...Village Grill, which we miss as well. Always good diner food and specials. And must agree, very popular on weekends (seats fewer than Cafe For All Seasons).
      If anything, West Portal is a good street to stroll. I have the worst memory when it comes to names, but there's a great gift store a few stores down from Peet's. And is it Java City? (chain) that has so-bad-for-you double chocolate croissants? Not "the real deal" but if you need to satisfy a sweet tooth/hunger.
      Yet again, the name escapes me, but there is a small bakery by Tower Market that has nice breakfasty things.

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        Don't know about the gift shop, but Java City closed a few years ago (alas! they had great drip coffee), and the bakery shop you are thinking of near Tower Market is Creighton's. It changed hands this summer, the original owners selling out after 25 years. The new ownership continues to make many of the same pastries, etc. I have not yet tried the cheese department, which used to be wonderful in the past.

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          Thanks for the update about Java City & Creightons (I always enjoyed their pumpkin squares this time of year)! It's amazing how much things can change in a couple years. (And how I've managed not to visit the City in so long.)

    2. I understand there is a Squatt & Gobble on West Portal. They specialize in crepes, both savory and sweet. Not bad either. (On a side note -- not breakfast, but good -- is Old Krakow on West Portal. Good Polish food.)

      1. That's a tough area for breakfast for some reason. I can't think of anything, except 1) Peet's Coffee in West Portal (there is no food to speak of but at least the coffee will be good), and 2) Beach Chalet on Pacific Highway simply because of the views even though the food's not very good (or while on Pacific Highway, also the Cliff House because of the views and definitely not because of the food). Other than that and not for breakfast, there is a popular Peruvian place in West Portal. In addition to pretty good (although not as good as Fina Estampa) Peruvian food, they have good burritos.

        If you're willing to drive to Noe Valley (about ten minutes drive) there is an *extremely* popular and good breakfast joint, Chloe Cafe, on Church Street. If you go, either get there early or be prepared for a long wait if it's a weekend.

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          C. Fox: Any chance you'll be here Saturday and can join us @ the SF Chowing With the Hounds picnic in Golden Gate park? We'd love to have you!

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            And I'd love to be there...but, alas, I won't be in town until Thursday. Looks like I'm missing the Dim Sum Civil War as well. But I'm still hoping to gather a few hounds for dim sum Saturday morning, the 19th. Any fanatics out there who can't bear to miss a week?

          2. Lakeside Cafe on Ocean Ave. in Lakeside Village (between 19th Ave. and Junipero Serra Blvd.) serves very good breakfasts. They also make an excellent burger cooked as you like it -- medium rare is really medium rare.

            Cafe for All Seasons on West Portal serves a brunch menu on weekends, but they are only open for lunch and dinner on weekdays. Their brunch items are very good.

            Tennessee Grill at 1128 Taraval (between 21st and 22nd Ave.) just north of Stern Grove is also a good place for breakfast.