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Nov 11, 2004 06:16 PM

Great Jones Cafe

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Their menu on menupages doesn't list prices. Is it cheap? Pricey? In-between? Any good?


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  1. I checked and their Great Jones Cafe menu also did not list any prices. But this review at New York Metro says

    "Recommended Dishes: Blackened Catfish, $14.95; Jambalaya, $9.95; Creole Wings, $6.95; Hamburger, $7.50." --Sounds pretty reasonably priced to me, being in Manhattan! I haven't eaten there so can't comment on their food's quality. says their price range is "$20 to $30"
    so that's not bad. Seems like their fabulous jukebox and drinks outshine the food from the NYT review.


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    1. re: Matt

      Definitely cheap. But also deafeningly loud most of the time.

      1. re: Matt

        I would agree. Always excellent drinks, and I've always liked their cornbread -- it kinda has a layer of what might be honey & jalapeno. Otherwise their food has never done much for me, so I haven't eaten there in years. A recent rainstorm got me in there for brunch, which was not tasty and, like most brunches, left us feeling cheated.

      2. Cheap and satisfying. It's not chow to rave about or anything, but if you're craving some fried catfish and collard greens, it's a good call. They also make a fine Bloody Mary.

        1. Cheap,very small but fantastic drinks (especially the bloody mary's).

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          1. re: DeeDee

            It's been over 15 years since I've been there (yes, they and I have both been around for that long), but I seem to remember the "highlight drink" there being the Cajun Martini.

          2. I'm a fan. Fantastic red beans and rice, well-prepared fish for the price, and good burgers.

            1. It's AN AWFUL place. Don't go. See my other posting.