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Nov 8, 2004 03:38 PM

HELP! Looking for great SAUERKRAUT like they have in E. Europe/Germany

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Hey Chowhounders,

Mayber you can help. I had some AWESOME sauerkraut in the Czech Republic. It actually was a little sweet and softer than the stuff they usually give you on the hotdogs here.

Any ideas where I can find this Eastern European or German version. (It doesn't even necessarily have to be in a restaurant; even a specialty market would be okay.)


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i really like the sauerkraut in the bins at fairway. it is made with fatback! please try it...

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        I second the sauerkraut at Fairway. It's very different from Sabrett's. And it makes terrific bigos!

    2. Not sure what German sauerkraut is suppose to taste like and I do not like sauerkraut as a rule but I have had the sauerkraut at Cafe D'Alsace twice in the last month and I actually liked!!!

      1. Take the sauerkraut from the store, put it in a small pot, add some brown sugar (not much, 1 TBS for 16 oz kraut) and simmer for an hour or so. That may give you what you're looking for.

        1. A Polish/Czech girl like me heads to the Ukrainian National Home (pierogis like Babci made, some filled with sauerkraut) in the EV or Greenpoint (sorry I know it's a Manhattan post). Next best alternative is buying the stuff in a bag in some market. We grind our own horseradish . . .
          Almost forgot about the LES - Gus's Pickles has the BEST sauerkraut in the wood barrels! You can also try some of the Jewish stores like Russ & Daughters (don't even know if they have sauerkraut.). For the poster who isn't crazy about sauerkraut try it in a pierogi or with apples and cheese or with potatoes (peasant food). It is loaded with vitamins.

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          1. Try Rolf's on third avenue and 22nd street. great german food and they put a lot of effort into the decor of the dining room (it may not be for everyone)!