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HELP! Looking for great SAUERKRAUT like they have in E. Europe/Germany

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Hey Chowhounders,

Mayber you can help. I had some AWESOME sauerkraut in the Czech Republic. It actually was a little sweet and softer than the stuff they usually give you on the hotdogs here.

Any ideas where I can find this Eastern European or German version. (It doesn't even necessarily have to be in a restaurant; even a specialty market would be okay.)


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  1. i really like the sauerkraut in the bins at fairway. it is made with fatback! please try it...

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      I second the sauerkraut at Fairway. It's very different from Sabrett's. And it makes terrific bigos!

    2. Not sure what German sauerkraut is suppose to taste like and I do not like sauerkraut as a rule but I have had the sauerkraut at Cafe D'Alsace twice in the last month and I actually liked!!!

      1. Take the sauerkraut from the store, put it in a small pot, add some brown sugar (not much, 1 TBS for 16 oz kraut) and simmer for an hour or so. That may give you what you're looking for.

        1. A Polish/Czech girl like me heads to the Ukrainian National Home (pierogis like Babci made, some filled with sauerkraut) in the EV or Greenpoint (sorry I know it's a Manhattan post). Next best alternative is buying the stuff in a bag in some market. We grind our own horseradish . . .
          Almost forgot about the LES - Gus's Pickles has the BEST sauerkraut in the wood barrels! You can also try some of the Jewish stores like Russ & Daughters (don't even know if they have sauerkraut.). For the poster who isn't crazy about sauerkraut try it in a pierogi or with apples and cheese or with potatoes (peasant food). It is loaded with vitamins.

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          1. Try Rolf's on third avenue and 22nd street. great german food and they put a lot of effort into the decor of the dining room (it may not be for everyone)!

            1. What about that huge German place on 2nd Ave. and 86th Street? I'm sure they would have it.

              1. Hawthorne Valley Farm stand at the Union Square Green Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They make their own raw, organic sauerkraut. They have plain, caraway and other flavors, take a look here:
                You can order it there for home delivery.
                It's really good, much better than any of the commercial products in the stores.