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Nov 8, 2004 12:49 PM

Romantic CHAMPAGNE BARS? How about FLUTE?

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Hi Chowhounders,

Looking for a nice-looking champagne bar where my honey and I can hang out.

Heard FLUTE was a good choice.

Any thoughts?


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  1. There are two Flute locations and I happen to enjoy the midtown one a bit more but the Flatiron branch is quite nice as well. You can order individual pieces of chocolates, all different types, different fillings, etc... Its a great place & much nicer than Bubble Lounge, seems more modern and up to date.

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    1. re: Raymond

      If the emphasis is on romance, check out the downstairs lounge at the Flatiron location.

    2. I went to the flute next to Gamercy in June. Very cool music, fairly good separation of guest, and comfy seats. As an added bonus, there is very little to find fault with having good bubbly in a nice room with good music and a very beautiful French girl bringing you more bubbly...

      1. Just a thought...

        I LOVE to go to hotel bars for a glass of champagne... They are usually very comfortable and in most cases romantic as well.

        One of my favorites is the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis on 55th and Fifth. Try to snag a corner/round booth and hole up. It is dark, warm and has such an amazing vibe. The snacks are great and you can order small bites as well...

        You can also check out a number of other hotel bars depending on your preferences and location...

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          --off topic---
          I just realized we had the same thought :)

        2. Flute is ok. Bubble lounge in tribeca is nicer in my opinion. Otherwise try the hotel scene, hudson, thor, tribeca grand, soho grand etc.

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            Haven't spent much time in the swanky downtown hotels (some were not even there when I went to the west coast... spent 7 1/2 years in LA and being back less than two but with much less time (family stuff) to do that sort of thing so I am more familiar with the uptown offerings :-)

            Heard terrific things you recomemend any one in particular, keeping in mind I am an "old married woman" now, not looking for pick up scene, something more on the lines of elegant, comfy, but lively. My fave thing to do for an afternoon, sit in a hotel lounge with a glass of champagne, some bites and a good friend... used to do that with my mom (miss her so much - she was always up for that or a terrific and schmancy lunch somewhere special)

            I might even be able to persuade the hubby to indulge me!

          2. I've been to both Flute locations and Bubble lounge. Bubble lounge is nice, but completely and utterly unromantic, so if that's the goal, I agree with the Flute recommendation and agree that Flatiron is probably better but I think that the midtown location could do if it was more convenient.