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Oct 29, 2004 11:25 AM

Worst slice?

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Everyone has their favorite slice, that amazing wedge of cheese and sauce that keeps them tethered to the city. But what about the dark side of the slice? How bad can New York pizza be? Anyone have any tips on New York’s worst?

Full disclosure: I’ m a freelance writer and depending on what I find, I may pitch a story on this. That said, any thoughts, anecdotes or tips are greatly appreciated.


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  1. Ha! Great thread. I'm sure there are worse, but I'd try Boston Pizza in Astoria at Bway and 37th. The guy there (who I think is Turkish) is so nice, but the pizza reminds me the kind I used to get in my h.s. cafeteria.

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    1. re: Dag

      How about worst vibe in a pizza joint? Slice isn't all that bad at Joe's on Essex below Grand, but, hang on, what am I listening to? It's some agressively xenophobic Christian radio station. And what's the deal with those anti-Arab, anti-South Asian cartoons taped up on the wall? I got my ass out of there as soon as I could, for fear the owner would give me the evil eye.

      1. re: Dag

        That place has the worst pizza I've ever had, PERIOD. The pizza in California is better. Heck, the pizza in Thailand is better.

      2. Oooh, can I pick more than one? The pizza at Village Restaurant on 1st Avenue at 2nd Street is truly inedible. Joe's Pizza, I think it's called, on the east side of 2nd Avenue (around 8th street?) is particularly bad. I don't think they use cheese, just something that resembles cheese. And, this one saddens me to say, but a place that has taken such a terrible turn is my formerly beloved Rosario's. It's not the worst slice, but it doesn't resemble its former self.

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        1. re: evg

          Totally agree with Village Restaurant. Even when I'm bombed it's nasty.

          1. re: LES Resident

            Village Restaurant! This is the place with the chicken carcasses in the front window,right? I made that mistake years ago and have never forgotten it. Utterly wretched pizza! You may be tempted when you stagger out of d/b/a after several pints, but for God's sake, keep walking. Two Boots isnt far!

        2. Dominoes, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut - any of the chains, really. The sauce tastes like oily Chef Boyardee, the cheese like velveeta and the crust like bad wonder bread. Awful awful stuff - but that goes without saying, I suppose.

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          1. re: Offbalance

            I used to eat all of those chains in college and loved it. A couple of years ago, some friends and I went to Uno to try to recreate the old days. Oh my god, it was bad. In every way. We ended up going to Joe's on Bleecker to "clear our palates." :)

            1. re: Offbalance

              Yeah have to agree with Dag... I mean, does it really "go without saying" that those places are the WORST slice just because they're chains? No. For a chain to work, the pizza has to be at least passable before the marketing can kick in.

              I will concede that the chains have gotten worse over the years as more and more of the ingredients are frozen and pre-made, but they're not automatically the worst (especially in light of the other posts in this thread!).

            2. d
              david sprague

              it's definitely a great thread (and/or article) idea.

              i'd nominate the "ray's" on 7th avenue at 48th street, which serves up something that resembles tomato sauce on an old sponge. there's also the joint (name of which i cannot remember for the life of me) on 14th street, right near where irving place dead ends. sauce reminded me of watered down ketchup and toppings of all sorts seem to've been provided by a dumpster diver.

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              1. re: david sprague

                MAn, you could do a whole article just on the terrible slices available at all the incarnations of Rays. I'm voting for the actual, original Rays on 6th AVe and 12th St. TRuly disgusting. Gloppy cheese that comes off all at once.

                1. re: xavier

                  Xavier, My sentiments exactly! I'd have to be at starvation level to have one of those disgusting specimens that give pizza a bad name at any of the places that have a "Ray's Original Pizza" sign on the door. On second thought, maybe I'd prefer to just pass out. :-))

                  1. re: xavier

                    X-man, so wrong on this one, yes there's gloppy cheese and lots of it and it's good quality and tastes good, and doesn't fall of on me when I eat it. That said, the crust is way too tough, and the tomato sauce is just above average, but overall flavor is good (certainly when compared to all the other Ray's-come-lately), and then there's the 'Famous Meat Slice' - some meat under there somewhere, but the kicker is the load of peppers and onions and, yes, extra cheese they pile on. Get it re-heated 5-6 minutes, maybe throw on a little garlic powder, and it's one of the most savory cheap and filling meals in NYC.

                    1. re: xavier

                      I'm pretty sure the actual, original Ray's is the one on Prince...

                    2. re: david sprague

                      i think you mean cafe amore's; bad idea--pricey for a slice like that, too.

                    3. Ben's Pizzeria (I think that's the name of it) on the corner of West 3rd and MacDougal. A vile slice, and particularly sad in light of its prime location. Have tried it three times (just in case I was wrong the first two), and regretted it each and every time.

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                      1. re: foodE

                        Agreed, I had heard great things about Ben's. Ordered my slice and was extremely disappointed. Horrible sauce.

                        1. re: foodE

                          This is the place with the awning that says they have outposts in London, Tokyo and Jerusalem, right? I've always found that hilariously unlikely. :)

                          1. re: Dan

                            my thoughts exactly-- I giggle every time I pass at the "world famous"ness of it.

                          2. re: foodE

                            How are they still in business?
                            I guess location makes all the difference. Such a shame a place like Joe's Pizza has to leave and Ben's gets to stick around!

                            1. re: foodE

                              Yes, Ben's is horrible! (I think there might be another Ben's in SOHO that is supposed to be good though, not sure). Particularly vile is their sicilian slice, slab o cheese on top of nasty crust.

                              1. re: D-NY

                                Famous Ben's, on Spring, is the one you're thinking of. It's good -- particularly the Sicilian slice with fresh mozz.

                                1. re: big o

                                  the one on spring has a ok onion, but the rest are really gross, but I am sure it is not the worst in the city.