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Oct 28, 2004 02:27 PM

Can I buy a Turducken in the NYC or NJ area?

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I'm hosting Thanksgiving and would love to make a turducken. There are plenty of places on the Web to order a ready-to-roast but I'm looking for a fresher option. Anyone ever buy a ready-made turducken in NY?

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  1. I never have bought one in the city (never seen it, but to be fair, never looked), but I have had pretty good luck with the online turduckens. Whole Foods might have had one though, come to think of it, but don't quote me.

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        Has anyone had one from Lobel's? Is it as good as the Louisiana ones? (PS are the LA ones real spicy? not a big fan of the spice.)

      2. My family just ordered one for me two or three weeks ago for a special birthday treat. We got it online (as I did not realize someone sold it locally) from

        It was quite good, despite the fact that my non-chowhound family well overcooked it. Very tasty!