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Oct 26, 2004 04:06 PM

Fresh Chanterelles

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Where is the best place to buy fresh chanterelles? Any where in New York City would be fine. Thanks.

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  1. Wherever you get them, be aware that the price has come WAY down the last few weeks. I get mine from DAIRYLAND (they have a website), a wholesaler based in NYC. The price per lb is $6 (thats wholesale, which is unbelievable!! and they're beautiful! You might want to give them a call and find out what grocers, in NYC, they supply.

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      Could you please provide the Website address for DAIRYLAND. I love these mushrooms.

      Thank You,

      Dollar Bill

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          Thanks for the information. I was curious, though, since the website is selling the mushrooms for over 40 dollars a pound. Do you get them wholesale?

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            So how many lb's of chanterelles do I have to buy to be considered wholesale?

      1. You might also try Manhattan Fruit Exchange in Chelsea market, they usually have quite a selection of fresh mushrooms.

        1. Dean and Deluca also has chanterelles right now, as should Fairway.

          1. The best place to buy mushrooms in th ecity hands down is SOS in the east village Ave B Btwn 6 and 7th. As of last Sat. they had:

            Chanterelles, Black trumpet (In the chanterelle familly) , hedgehog, blue foot, yellow foot, lobster, white truffles, hen of the woods, and some cultivated shrooms as well. They supply many resturaunts in the city and just opened a new retail space. Check it out.

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            1. 2013 - Don Geovanny Gourmet. I found their website a few weeks ago looking for caviar, lots of cool items for foodies!