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Philly Cheesesteaks

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I've heard that there's a great cheesesteak place called Philadelphia Slims (or maybe Philly Slims?) in the midtown west-hell's kitchen area. Has anyone been there? Any comments about the place?

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  1. Oooh, I'd like to try that!

    Lately I've been grooving on Wogie's (in G. Village) cheesesteaks. Yummy.

    1. If it's the place on Broadway & the high 40's, stay away. It's bad. It doesn't even taste like meat.

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        Philly Slim's is on 9th Avenue between 52nd & 53rd St. Haven't been, but there have been positive postings on this board (and I believe advice to ask for extra cheese). I've been pretty darn happy with Carl's Cheesesteaks at 34th & 3rd.... With these two and Wogie's, it looks like NY is undergoing a cheesesteak renaissance....

      2. Check out this thread on Philly Slims...

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        1. I go there every two weeks or so. Good stuff. Can't speak for the authenticity ( I ain't never been to Philly) but I enjoy it.

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            King of Northern Blvd

            I think that they are too salty....

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              Too many Sailors? I don't get it.

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                King of Northern Blvd

                What are you talking about?

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                  I thought it was pretty funny. But I have a weakness for puns.

                  And the best cheesesteaks do not come from Philly, but rather from the Atlantic City area. It's all about the roll, and South Jersey rolls are simply the best for cheesesteaks.

                  Link: http://dictionary.reference.com/searc...

          2. Karl's (or Carl's, whichever) is fairly close in flavor to Jim's Steaks in Philly. Only bad comment is that they need to use more Whiz (I am a traditional Whiz Whit guy), so sometimes I order double whiz.

            It's not close to Pat's or Geno's in Philly, so it depends on what style you prefer. Having sampled each in the same day, I prefer Jim's.

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              Yeah, they could use more whiz. We also sprinkle it with some salt and pepper since seasoning is sometimes not to par. With Cheese Whiz being pretty salty, it's ok to under season, but it always tastes better with some salt and freshly cracked pepper.

            2. One of the two famous places in Philly actually gets imported rib eyes from Australia. They partially freeze (actually they are defrosting them - tempered) so they can slice them paper thin. The paper thin term for that in the South is "shaved."

              Never had the pleasure of eating at either Pat's or Gino's, but I have a question. Are you telling us that a great roll, exactly like the ones in Philly, is not available from some baker in NYC? I mean...come on! What wouldn't a smart guy get a few rolls in Philly and bring it up to NYC or NEwark and duplicate it?

              And, as far as the meat goes, I'm sure a domestic rib eye will do as well! You know guys we're not talking prime or choice grade here...I'm certain its USDA Good or perhaps even Utility Grade they are using...no way is it Choice grade meat coming off a rib eye. Far, far too expensive to use.

              So, what's the big deal about the "Philly Cheesesteak?" Guys from Philly are strong advocates and fight to the death on this issue. But, this happens to be a sandwich that has ingredients readily available in a city like NY.

              There are so many smart food guys in NYC, (I say the smartest in the world outside of maybe SF) and somebody can duplicate that Philly sandwich! If not, please, tell all of us why not!

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                " If not, please, tell all of us why not!"

                Lack of desire to spend a lot of time and effort perfecting a dish that consists of crappy meat on mediocre bread slathered in cheeze whiz?

                Or maybe they're all too stuck up and busy putting mashed potatoes into the smoker?

              2. To answer my own post ... I just went to Philly Slims -- 9th b/w 52 + 53rd. Great cheesesteak. I went with Extra Wiz (per your suggestions), and it was a very good sandwich. I highly recommend this place.

                1. I don't know, I'm a Philly girl and the Philly Slim's on University is awful. They have a 1 to 1 ratio of whiz to meat so I would never ask for extra cheese. I prefer Wogie's and 99 Miles to Philly, but neither is really that good either.

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                    I agree with you on this one. Why do they have to use that fake cheese? But I really like Wogie's. You can even get it in a wrap (bonus of meat not getting lost in the bread) with a choice of several cheeses.

                  2. its okay, Carl's is much better, don't get the chicken cheesesteaks at Slim's its not good at all, the traditional steak ones are managable in a pinch.