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Sep 30, 2002 12:32 PM

Good cookie, bad cookie

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Other people bake, I search around for baked goods for the upcoming holidays. Some cookie finds ...

Tartine's mexican wedding cookies. Probably the best I've ever had. Buttery, nutty, crumbly and rolled in confectioner's sugar.

Miette Bakery's shortbread. As good as the best I had many years ago in Harvard Square in Boston. I had the lavandar which just has a hint of lavandar. If you didn't know about the lavandar, you'd would not notice. They also have raspberry and another type.


Andronico's house made cookies. Overyly sweet to the point I could feel a headache coming on. I was putting together lunches for St. Anthony's and considered these not good enough for the homeless. Yuck. Expensive too.

Hope to hear some other good cookies from hounds.

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  1. z
    Zach Georgopoulos

    In the "Good Cookie" category, following is a link to a previous discussion of Anna's Danish Cookies in S.F.


    1. I really like the cookies baked by the Pacific Cookie Company in Santa Cruz. These are big, home-style cookies -- 10 times better than Mrs. Fields. They have a very nice website with cute gift selections.

      Here's the link:


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      1. re: Nancy Berry
        Caitlin McGrath

        I used to be quite fond of the Lemon Drops from Pacific Cookie Company (not that I don't like them anymore, I just haven't had them in quite a while).

        Another local (East Bay) cookie that I like is the Chocolatine from Nabalom (Russel just above College in Berkeley), a dome-shaped, cakey, rich chocolate thing.

        1. re: Nancy Berry
          Kathleen Mikulis

          I tried Pacific Cookie Co. a month ago when I was in Santa Cruz and I was quite impressed.

          My favorite right now is Specialty's actually. They always give them to you warm with big chocolatey chunks.

          1. re: Kathleen Mikulis

            Is Specialty's a place here in San Francisco?

            1. re: Derek

              Yes, there are Specialty's all over the financial district (at least those are the ones I'm familiar with) - stick with the cookies. Their other baked goods are hit or miss.

          2. re: Nancy Berry

            Can you only get these cookies from Santa Cruz, or are they available locally?

            1. re: Nancy Berry

              Wow, I can't believe their hasn't been a post about Pacific Cookie Co. since 2002. Where are all the cookie lovers? I try cookies everywhere I go and I now will only try a store made cookie if it looks similar to a Pacific Cookie Co. cookie. Though a couple have come close nothing has been as good (at least for me) as a Pacific Cookie Co. cookie. They are so good that after years of only eating their chocolate chip and chocolate chip varieties cookies, I tried their Lemon Drop and was absolutely blown away. Now I enjoy all of their cookies. If you are a snickerdoodle fan, you'd best check theirs out!

              1. re: kstagnaro

                I think you might find reviews or mention about Pacific Cookie Company on the California board since that's how Santa Cruz is categorized. I'm a fan however. Very good to excellent, I like the lemon cookies deal in SC might be the half dozen day olds for some crazy cheap price ($4 bucks? I can't remember).

            2. in response to the original topic, i was very impressed with gracias madre's (the cafe gratitude mexican spinoff) mexican wedding cookies; didn't evne really notice the lack of butter