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Oct 5, 2004 12:12 PM

Bar Food near Radio City Music Hall??

  • j

Heading out tonight to RCMH and was hoping someone can rec a place nearby that has good sandwiches, salad's, burgers....and of coarse a bar. Not looking for anything too expensive, btwn $10-17 entree's. Anything besides Heartland Brewery??

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  1. Connoly's, or Maggies ... both on 47th between 5th & Madison. Both pretty nice Irish pubs, burgers, entrees, BEER & tv's ...

    1. virgil's 152 W 44th St. their sandwiches are their best thing. good hushpuppies. real good beer selection. nice vibe at the bar. Killer? No. But the best/closest. If anyone knows killer, speak up.


      1. mchales on the corner of 8th ave. and 46th street has good burgers and chicken sandwiches.
        enjoy wilco.

        1. Ingest Wilco - enjoy...Im so fired up.