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Sep 27, 2004 05:32 PM

Best Hamburger

  • j

I know that this has been brought up before but which place has the Best Hamburger in New York?

I prefer the burgers that are not big slabs of beef, but the smaller patties that used to be found in the old-style diners. Thanks for your help.

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  1. "Burger Heaven" makes the smaller, crispier burgers that you mentioned, and they are very good. They have several locations on the east side. I usually go to the one on Madison Ave. at 54th Street.

    1. JG Melon. The burgers are not "thin" but they are not too wide either; thus some people, myself included, order 2.

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        Had a burger at JG Melon recently. Quite good. As for Corner Bistro...well, as the old saying goes, "you shoulda' been there 20 years ago." I was really disappointed recently with the burger there. Price is fine, as we all know it is for imported beer (how do they sell the beer so cheaply? All I can say is traffic, traffic, traffic -- kinda same as "location, location, location." In any case, beer good, burger, so-so.

      2. s
        Steve Harrington

        I like to sit down when I eat. Being comfortable and made to feel welcome is a big part of the "best" experience to me. Molly's Pub gets my vote.

        1. the best burgers I think are found at The NoHo Star, Fanelli's, and Corner Bistro.

          1. I would have to say that the best are
            1. Spotted pig (1/2 the normal cheese)
            2. Corner Bistro
            3. Westville

            But thats just the west village, usually dont have an urge to travel for a burger......
            pizza on the other hand, well thats a totally different thread