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Sep 23, 2002 08:16 PM

What's the average age of a chowhound on this board?

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I'm just curious about what kind of people post and read this board. I wonder if anybody has estimated the average age, occupation, interests (other than food/wine), etc. of chowhounds. Perhaps the 'hounds who periodically get together (there seems to be a hardcore bunch; maybe they should be called bloodhounds) could serve as a representative sample base?

Any thoughts out there?

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  1. k
    Kathleen Mikulis

    You know, based on the upscale restaurants many on this board go to on a regular basis, I've wondered about the average income, too. (I hope that doesn't sound catty. I honestly don't mean for it to.)

    --Kathy (28; Cartographer; reality shows & board games)

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    1. re: Kathleen Mikulis

      i'm wondering too. is it people like me who spend an inordinate amount on dining even though the income is very slim or is it just the people who can truly afford it (and of course the big house, benz, the country club membership). i'm not wealthy at all but i do love eating and sometimes will (more than occasionally) drop upwards of a hundred bucks esp. on a sushi meal. guess i'd rather eat out lavishly and drive a pinto over a honda or toyota

      1. re: johnny g.

        Yeah for cash-poor but tastebud-rich 'hounds!

        I love to live vicariously through those who can afford "richer" fare than I. The board is also helpful in guiding me to my occasional (though more frequent than they should be on my budget) splurges.

        -Missy P.
        (26, advertising industry, music, film and art--and cooking!)

        sidenote: I have to admit that that thread a while back about the bad experience at Masa's of the one female diner kind of blew my mind, not being an initiate into the world of truly "fine" dining. I was fascinated, but the story had my blood boiling (vicariously?). keep those stories coming!


        1. re: Missy P.

          Yeah, but the whole outraged tone was too ridiculous. All these people hopping on the bandwagon to nuke Masa's when they havent eaten there. As I said before, they didnt do that when my wife and I ate there the last time, nor any of the times before that.
          If they tried it, they wouldnt get away with it. I still dont understand why the people who were willing to pay (assuming a typical bottle of wine there) probably 400$ for a meal were willing to share their wine, eat substandard food, and not say anything. I would have simlpy put a stop to it, after the second course, and as for the wine issue, well - lets just say I would have dealt with that topic quickly after getting the bill. I would have told the wine steward that he was removing the corkage fee or I was removing the tip to balace the account.
          Fine dining is like fine living, it aint fine if you arent happy. If you arent, then you need to do something about it, or you relinquish your right to complain, in my opinion.

          1. re: Gileas
            Nathan Landau

            Well, I'm 44, married, a transportation planner. It's very hard to get people to reveal their incomes in a public forum, especially a quasi-community one like this. It's been said that Americans would much rather reveal their sex lives than their incomes! Financially, we're not in a position to go to Masa's, but we can swing the Alma-Chez Panisse Cafe range now and then. If any place in the United States has the climate, the beauty, the politics and the food of the Bay Area (as well as a decent transit system), I'd be happy to move there!

            I suspect that Chowhound is attracting people who spend an unusually high proportion of their income--whatever it might be at the time--on food. I know that's been my experience--I always wanted to eat good and interesting food, now I can eat more expensive versions of it (while still being interested in the less expensive versions).

            I just want to register "a vote" in favor of the no ads policy. I think it's very hard to keep ads from corrupting a site (not to mention multiplying spam). It's lovely not to see them on this site. I know the economics are very difficult (and I've subscribed to Chownews) but it really makes a huge difference.

    2. Here's a link to some results of a survey (700 respondents) of chowhounds. Note this was not limited to San Francisco Bay Area region.


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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        You guys have thought of everything!

        Who made the survey and when?

        Any success attracting advertisers? Personally I wouldn't mind ads (as long as they are clearly indicated as ads) if they are shown in an inobtrusive fashion; kind of like the way does it on their site.

      2. I'm 19, but I think I'm fairly unusual on the board, at least in SF and LA. About the money thing, I'm eternally broke, like most other college students, but nonetheless I spend a lot on food and music, because they're important to me, and I haven't got that much else to spend the money on (except my absurd Berkeley rent!). Once in a while, I have money, and when that happens, it inevitably goes to a nice meal, but even when I don't have money, I still try to eat well.

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        1. re: David Boyk

          I too am a 19 year old berkeley student... I must agree lavish dining doesn't really fit in my budget either... but I love good food and will deny myself other pleasures in life for a good meal.

          1. re: claire
            Cyrus J. Farivar

            I'm a good friend of David's (20), and am also from LA. I do believe we're the anomolies. When we went to the BBQ ChowDown last year, I believe we were both at least 10 yrs younger than anyone at the event.

            For me, because like all starving students, I tend to go for places that are good value and cheap. Intermezzo, Saigon Express in Berkeley qualify...and Mariscos La Costa in Fruitvale (which Boyk and I hit up yesterday) also definately counts.

        2. I'm a 24-year-old chef who enjoys surfing this website for fellow 'hounders' insights on eating out the city. (I often lack the energy and the interest to cook for myself after a 9 to 12 hour shift so I look for a good neihborhood joint.) My hobby outside of the kitchen is ballroom dancing......

          1. I'm 76 yrs. old. Pull $50,000 with no debts. I love the hounds and all their subjects. They get me all fired up about toco trucks, peppermills, pots and pans, briskets, barbeque, wierd and unusual food. They give me an intimate look into their preferances,wisdom, and experience.