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Sep 23, 2002 07:20 PM


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I'm an Australian gal six months pregnant in San Francisco, and I'd dearly love a traditional Australian dessert: pavlova. Any of you hounds happen to know of a Bay Area restaurant that serves the real deal - crispy outside, chewy inside, freshly whipped cream and passionfruit seeds? I'll be your best friend.

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  1. I haven't found stellar pavlova yet, but you can get a lot of Australian goods locally if you or or a friend drive down to San Jose. Australian Products Co is located at 3080 Neal Avenue, just off Winchester Blvd, a couple blocks south of Hwy 280.

    That's where I get all my Jaffas, Minties, Arnotts, Passion Fruit & Lammingtons (they even have had Pavlova in an egg). It's also where my mother sends me before I am allowed to visit her and my father. Call them first to ensure that they have what you need--(408) 244-6104

    Check out the link below


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      i don't know anything about Australian, but, while we're on the subject of faraway stuff -- anyone know where a store of New Zealand stuff might be? I have friends who claim they would kill me if I went to New Zealand and came back without Tim-Tams. Are any available in the Bay Area? (They're cookies i understand) there's a British store in --mmm, I think it's San Carlos....

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        Go to the Aussie Products for Tim Tams. Although certainly not always the same, Australia and New Zealand do have some common culinary heritage and tastes. Many similar products are available at stores that cater to those from smaller south pacific nations like Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

        I haven't been in at least a year but, I am familliar with a at least two stores in San Bruno on San Mateo Avenue that cater to Fijians. They also had stuff that are dear to Australians and New Zealanders but not the inventory of Australian Products.

        If memory serves me, they are across the street from each other. The one on the east side of the street called either South Seas Market or British Food Centre (612 San Mateo Avenue) also has other international products from South Africa, Jamaica etc. You might want to give them a visit or a call.

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          You can pick Tim Tams up at an Australian shop in SFO downtown called Australia Fair.When speaking to your NZ friends better call them "biscuits" not "cookies."

      2. When I was little, the folks sent my brother and I to summer camp where we had Australian camp counselors. As a treat, they gave us Vegamite on bread. How else is Vegamite used?

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          Vegemite is usually served on buttered toast and toasted english muffins. It is also occasionally administered by parents to children suffering from illness by the spoonful because of the high Vitamin B content.

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            I started mainlining Vegemite toast just after I got pregnant, but before I knew I was. Turns out Vegemite is packed with folate - just the thing for preventing neural tube defects in the embryo. Amazing what your body knows.

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              Well I mainline on it usually! Cant understand why Americans gag when they eat it though but then theres no accounting for taste, is there..hehe.Just asked my mum to send me some Peppermint crisps, cakes of Cadbury's White Dream and fruit and nut chocolate,and some Turkish delight bars. Cant wait to get stuck into that lot!

            2. Join the pavlova here! About the best are the products mentioned at Aussie Products below. Nearer, in downtown SFO, is Australia Fair which even has woolwash. Consider joining the SFO Australia Chamber of Commerce..they have frequent functions which feature homemade pavlova.

              1. My friend and fellow expat Alusha brought a home-made pav to Thanksgiving. Crispy, chewy, creamy, fruity goodness. I must have eaten a quarter of it! Amazing what people will forgive you when you're eight and a half months preg. Yay for Alusha!

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                  Melanie Wong

                  MizChalmers, I clicked on this subject heading next to your name anticipating news of the birth! Yet, I'm happy to hear that you could satisy your longing for pavlova at America's feast day.

                2. I haven't found pavlovas, but if just the meringue cookie will work to tide you over the meringue cookies I've found to be the closest to the ones used for pavlovas are at Bob's Donuts on Polk St. in SF. They're big and chewy on the inside. Mmmmm.

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                    One would hope that since 2002, the baby was finally delivered.

                    However, should anyone else have a pavlova craving or the OP is having a third or fourth child by now, Crixa in Berkeley makes pavlovas.