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Sep 17, 2004 01:49 PM

Euzkadi, thoughts?

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Thinking of trying Euzkadi tonight. It looks interesting and I always love Tapas. Anything a must have? Other thoughts on the place? Thanks all!

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  1. Sorry, it's nothing special, and it won't transport you to the Basque Country. It's just another East Village bistro.

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    1. re: Wilfrid

      i agree. it's a mediocre place where the food is not too good nor too bad. there's plenty of others where you'll spend your money better

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      unless the restaurant has changed, it it not a tapas restaurant. I went there when it first opened, almost 3 years ago and I really liked it.

      1. If you go, please post a review. I will probably go sometime soon.

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        1. re: wild child

          Will do & thanks everyone!

        2. I think it quite good. Especially if you are new to Basque food...some items are better than others so spot around other tables for ideas. Wine list is not too expensive and space is fun. Go for it -- its very enjoyable and will spark a curiousity for further Basque inquiries...but if you want the real stuff you have to go to San Sebastion, Spain....

          1. I just went for the first time last weekend and was pretty disappointed. We had a few small plates to share (croquettes, goat cheese w/honey, garbanzo beans w/spinach, and a couple others) and one large dish, the pork loin. The pork was good, but everything else was mediocre--and I was particularly disappointed by a couple of dishes we'd really enjoyed in Spain. Also, the place is tiny, packed and very loud, though the service is very efficient. For small plates (but not Basque cuisine) I much prefer Perbacco, though since the NY Times review, it's also packed.

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              Yeah, I was disappointed too. Croquettes were good, but the rest of the food was not (a bacalao dish was almost inedible) and the place is very cramped and noisy.