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Sep 23, 2002 03:06 PM

Filipino (Phillipino) Markets in SF?

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I'm looking for a good Filipino market in San Francisco.
I know about Sam Yick in Oakland, but would like something a little closer to home.

Any recommendations?

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    Low End Theory

    Dear Dana,

    I've been to a great Filipino grocery store in SoMa but can't remember the exact location. I think I was on the way to Big Nate's from the Van Ness Muni stop, so it could be on 12th or 13th between South Van Ness and Harrison (or on South Van Ness itself).

    There were plenty of unusual primary ingredients in addition to the packaged goods. I don't recall finding belacan but this is really a Singaporean/Malaysian condiment.

    Happy hunting!

    Low End Theory

    1. There's one on 8th Ave., between Howard & Folsom, on the right side of 8th. Also, there is another good one in, where else?, Daly City, on San Pedro Road, just off the entrance to 280 North. It's called, what else? Philippine Grocery. They have both prepared foods and produce.

      1. One of the largest is Pacific Super at St Francis Square, Daly City. It has aisles of traditional foods and cooked dishes as well.

        1. I would try Manila Market on King in Daly City. This a store run by Chinese from Vietnam. They stock a large selection of Filipino foods as well as Chinese and othe Asian foods.

          There fish counter is always busy. It is cheap too. Get there early on the weekend be ready to wait.