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Scandinavian Grocery Store?

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Anyone know of a place selling Scandinavian food items? Herring, sauces, cheese, meat? There was a place near 86/Lex but I don't recall the name. I haven't been there in a while and am not sure it's still there.

I'm interested in Manhattan locations only, thanks.

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  1. it's called Skandia, on 2nd or 3rd and 87th-ish

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      that place has recently closed

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        Correct - it's gone.

    2. the swedish church on 48th btwn 5th and madison sells some swedish items, but not many. they would know where else to go for herring, etc. (besides ikea!)

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        If it's herring you want, go to Russ & Daughters on Houston Street.

      2. Schaller & Weber actually has quite a few Scandinavian items. And plenty of herring.

        It's on 2nd Ave. just south of 86th.

        Schaller & Weber
        1654 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

        1. try the scandinavia house on park avenue, just south of grand central (around 38th st)

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            Scandinavia House may have a few food items, but it's really a gift shop for housewares -- textiles, glassware, etc. I certainly don't recall seeing any cheese or meat.

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              they serve great Icelandic Cod as an entree...and vanilla waffles with cloudberry jam! They should start doing pylsurs for lunch, though...

              If anyone wants to order any icelandic groceries, nammi.is is a great site. They will even ship pylsurs! The shipping is kind of high but maybe worth it...I placed an order once and was really happy!!!

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              I wouldn't say all but still a pretty good selection, their sil and tidbits selections is getting better, only 2 types of creamed roe and no tube cheese, I now see some more polser and a few more cheeses but no real meat cuts to speak of.I miss all the salads that is available in Norway and Sweden and wish Ikea would start stocking some.

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                I wish they would get on those blocks of danish gouda that I use my cheese slicer on....OH and some smoked lamb would be great. They should expand their groceries for all the homesick nordic folks!

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                  Not only the Nordic folks, I've got some of my Filipino friends hooked on Sil because the sweet/vinegar taste is somewhat familiar to their pallets and now all sorts of combinations abound.

            2. Your best bet is probably Nordic Delicacies on 3rd Ave and 70th Street in Bay Ridge in Brooklyn. They've been around for decades - the neighborhood used to have the largest Scandinavian population in the city and the sell a wide variety.of Nordic food.
              I know you asked for Manhattan only places, but you can call in an order or use their website

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                The OP is from 2004 so I don't know if the poster is still looking for a Scandinavian grocery store. However I did come into also suggest Nordic Delicacies for other posters' sake. I have Scandinavian friends who travel to Bay Ridge for that.

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                  YUM THIS PLACE LOOKS GREAT! Anyone who finds any Iceland specific groceries please post.