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Aug 27, 2004 01:19 PM

free food in manhattan???

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i am insanely broke (like, $.90 in my bank account broke) and i NEED to find a way to get food. i work in midtown (broadway and 52nd. places around here keep a pretty tight leash on their customers, so an old fashioned "free lunch" is out of the question.

any freebie suggestions???????

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  1. Whole Foods always has good samples. Hope pay day comes soon.

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      I used to manage a McD's when I was in Grad school and we always gave away leftovers about 10 min before closing. Go to the high Volume places that are not open 24/7 as they usually overcook. Also, on the weekends many festivals/carnivals overcook "junk" food like cotton candy and funnel cakes and give them away toward closing. The seaport used to have a bunch of these. Good Luck and God Bless....

    2. Go to coffee (e.g., starbucks) and pastry shops late, around closing time. Some places will put out unsold, day-old pastries for the homeless. I know it's only a step or two removed from dumpster diving, but the food is clean and the price is right.

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        I think the same is true of Pret a Manger, of which there are still a few in midtown. I remember walking by one a year or so ago around 5 p.m. and saw bags full of the day's leftover sandwiches, still packaged up, on the sidewalk. Good luck, and remember there is always the kindness of friends as well as soup kitchens.

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          there is a Pret a Manger on 55th just E of 6th Ave

      2. You can get free bread from both Cosi and Pranzo.

        1. not free and not in midtown, but you can get 3 bags of ramen for .90 from Chinatown grocers

          1. I could be wrong, but I think there's a section about that in the Cheap Bastard's Guide to NYC. Browse through that at a bookstore or library.