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Aug 26, 2004 04:59 PM

Spain Restaurant on 13th

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Anyone been to Spain Restaurant on 13th St. before? getting conflicting reports on the food...already know about the dark/dingy atmosphere, which i particulary enjoy.

any advice on the food would be appreciated

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  1. There was a short (but inconclusive) thread about Spain a few weeks ago. I've been curious about it too but have yet to explore it.

    1. Haven't been, but the N.Y. Times had good things to say about it in the $25 and under section. Not sure when the article ran but definitely within the past 6 months. They were raving about the paella.

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        sing me a bar

        A co-worker said it was great. She mentioned being brought all these free starters and enjoying the paella and that it's really reasonable in price. I was determined to go, but when I asked about it in an earlier thread, someone shot it down as not so good. I STILL want to go!

        1. re: sing me a bar

          I know! I've walked by before when they've had the door open and taken a peek inside...looks like someone's living room, which is right up my alley.

          I'm going to suck it up and finally go tonite with some friends. will report back. i'm going in with low expectations on the food...hopefully i'll be surprised

          1. re: big ern

            where is it on 13th?

      2. 113 West. I'm glad it's still around.

        I'm due for a trip back to Spain. It's a nice dive. The last time I was there, Ray Davies was at the next table. That's just about as close a brush with greatness that Spain can withstand, I think.

        I like the very cheap paella. I don't care for the free tapas or the sangria, but the paella and the dining room are right up my alley. While I enjoy great food, I'll put up with merely good and cheap, especially if it comes with an atmosphere that reaches for old-world grandeur while achieving only seedy comfort. The lighting is spooky and unflattering yet I can't resist it. The back (main) dining room is chilly in winter, I expect because the big glass skylight is so poorly sealed. Yet there are banquettes all around and it's strangly comfortable.

        While I doomed to return for the atmosphere and the paella, this is definitely a kitchen I would not like to see up close, I just know it. I stumbled across the place years ago, knew nothing about it, was whelmed just enough that it's become one of those New York places that I will sorely miss when it slips into history.

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          1. I used to go there a lot because it's cheap and good for groups. it's a really fun place with a nice old-school vibe. but the food is pretty mediocre.