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Sep 13, 2002 03:59 PM

Brigitte's in Santa Clara

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Has anyone been to Brigitte's, a new French/Californian in Santa Clara? I've heard good things about it from a fellow francophile here at work, so I found the Merc's review, which I've posted below. It sounds like a great place.


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  1. Yes, it was reported in the August 23, 2002 issue of San Francisco ChowNews. You can find it in issue #33 or look for the threads on the message board prior to that date.

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    1. I just went to the website and saw that they are closed. Are they closed for good or are they moving?

      1. Don't know yet. Hopefully they will be moving, but for now they're just closed. They lost their lease when the building was sold. C'est dommage.