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Sep 13, 2002 02:03 AM

Zazu in Santa Rosa?

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I overheard some good comments about Zazu on Guerneville Road, and we're considering a visit for our anniversary. Does anyone know what kind of food it is, what's good, and what type of atmosphere?

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  1. We have reservations next week at ZAZU. I've heard very good things from a server who works at an upscale restaurant in the Heldsburg area. Below is a review from the Pressdemo. I'll let you about our dining experience was in 2 weeks!


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      We just returned from a long weekend in the wine country. We were disappointed with Zazu. VERY loud, food was bland and luke warm and the service was non-attentive. We went to Willies Wine Bar, also in Santa Rosa, the next night and had a delightful time. Nice atmosphere, fresh ingredients, the food was fantastic and service was great!. I will be returning!

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        Thanks for getting back on Zazu (looks like others made the trip as well). Will check out Willies Wine Bar. Thanks for the tip.

      1. I had an amazing evening there. For flavors, freshness, and a remarkable creativity and respect for ingredients. . . Zazu cannot be beat. One of my favorite restaurants ever.