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Sep 11, 2002 09:36 PM

Potrero Hill Eats?

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Hello all!

I recently moved to the tony (*cough*) Potrero Hill neighborhood and was wondering if anyone had any reco's for good eats in the area. I've walked around the lovely 18th St. shopping/dining area, and have so far sampled Goat Hill Pizza (love the monday dimsum-style pizza idea), a chinese place there (forget the name), and just tried a really, really tiny sandwich shop called Hazel's (I believe).

Are there any other concentrations of restaurants nearby beyond that? Anyone tried the some of the fancier places on 18th that are must-try's?

Something tells me that I'm probably going to have to expand my food-hunting treks to the Mission and SoMa/South Beach if I want any variety.. :(

Yw - BTW, I'd particularly like to find a good burger joint nearby. Only one I can think of is Barney's in Noe Valley.

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  1. s
    Stanley Stephan

    Chez Papa has had quite a few positive posts on this board. Search down to find.

    Sally's on 16th has excellent breaksfasts. You can have a fresh baked muffin instead of toast if you ask.

    Connecticut Yankee is a good sports bar. There food is not bad, but I think it is over-priced for what you get. You might try their burger. They have an outside patio.

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood.
      Yes, Mondays at Goat Hill are a must.
      At the bottom of the hill on the bay side (east) in Dogpatch is the Just for You Cafe. Good for breakfast; crab cakes, corn bread, hangtown fry. They used to be up on the bill 1/2 block from Goat Hill but they moved a few months ago.
      The Garden of Tranquility at 17th and Kansas (I think) is a usually good Chinese place. They have their ups and downs, but mostly up. The green stuff they serve with the potstickers tastes very good and very green. The prawns with pecan are usually yummy. Stay away from the sesame scallops.
      For a good burger in the area, try the Slow Club just down the hill one block from Potrero on Mariposa, near the Muni barn. It is one of those noisy trendy places, but they make a good burger.
      It's been awhile since I've been there, but the Thai BBQ place on 18th, down the street from Christopher's Books is good as I recall.

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      1. re: Donna

        Garden of Tranquility--closed. Now Live Sushi.

        Thai BBQ--closed. Now also sushi.

      2. j
        Joan Kureczka

        Welcome to the hill. There are lots of good places here.

        Yes, the Thai barbecue is still good -- at least for all the barbecued stuff, although the chicken can sometimes be a bit dry. Duck noodles are very nice, as are chicken noodles and the barbecued squid salad where the squid seems to always be perfectly cooked and tender. Love their carrot salad as well. This is still a great bargain place.

        Chez Papa is wonderful but now difficult to get into. The associated Chez Maman is nearly as good. Heard a rumor this same French group may be taking over the recently closed Picadita on Connecticut and 18th, across from Goat Hill.

        Thanya and Salee is fairly good Thai but a bit pricy for what it is. The mushroom larb is really nice though. Eliza has decent lunches, but some of the items on the full menu really shine -- especially the Eliza's spicy eggplant and the Shanghai chicken.

        Aperto has its ups and downs. The food is generally pretty good, but they tend to oversauce pastas for my taste. They are also on my pet peeve list because they (again) removed the antipasto plate, which was wonderful with lots of roasted veggies, cheeses and some meats. The small plate had been enough for 2 as an appetizer and one as a meal.

        For burgers and stuff, you might try The Ramp, down on the water, at least when the weather is good. Also... I second Slow Club for burgers.

        1. Dos Pinos on 16th, right around the corner from Sally's has delicious Mexican food, so you should definitely give them a shot. It's definitely a bit higher end and cleaner than your typical taqueriabut don't let that scare you, the food is authentic and the prices are right.

          Klein's Deli on 20th makes pretty good sandwiches, they are not earthshattering but they can be very tasty if you order right.

          Burgers, huh? Well you could go the Slow Club, but I'd seriously recommend STIX, the restaurant over at the Mission Bay Golf Range. The burgers are tasty, well cooked, and enormous. But I'd try a lot of other things there -- the place serves delcious food, and there is a huge variety. I have eaten about 1/2 of the menu and I've never gone wrong (Pastas, Sandwiches, Fish, Salads, etc). They are open every day for lunch, I believe they offer happy hour snacks, etc. and also do breakfast. They are owned and operated by the same guy who owns Dos Pinos, so their Mexican is delicious.

          You are living in a lovely neighborhood...enjoy it!

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          1. re: cc

            Dos Pinos

            Dos Pinas
            251 Rhode Island St Ste 102, San Francisco, CA 94103

          2. For consistently good Japanese food, and a really "wet" Japanese atmosphere, I recommend Moshi Moshi on 3rd @ 18th. True, the staff is mostly Caucasian but with the welcoming "hang loose" spirit of the owner, Mits, who is there every night saying hello and checking in with diners. Moshi Moshi was HUGE in the late 80's ( I remember hour + waits for a table on Saturday nights) when the Hill was still largely working-class. Now that gentrification is basically complete, you see many young families and hip young people there--and the old-timers who moved to San Bruno still come back for a cocktail and their favorite dishes. The menu has expanded, management discovered the "specialty cocktail" (full bar) but I still enjoy hanging out and chatting with Mits. Simply put, it's my favorite Japanese restaurant. You will never see a tourist at Moshi Moshi.