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Aug 6, 2004 09:32 AM

Blue Hill or Annisa?

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So for my birthday dinner I'm choosing between Blue Hill and Annisa. Both seem to generally get very good reviews on the board. Does anyone care to advise one way or the other? Thanks!

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  1. I was at Blue Hill last weekend for my birthday dinner. I loved it. Good service, not too formal, incredible food. If you like foie gras, I highly recommend it there. When making reservations, make sure you ask for the main room. They first seated us in their back room which is more like a dark porch, which they claimed was air conditioned (it wasn't). But, they were very nice and accomodating when we requested to be moved to a table in the front. So much more comfortable and enjoyable.

    1. I went to Annisa for an anniversary with the GF and loved it. We did the tasting menu and were blown away. The Fois Gras dumpling on spoon is incredible and I was impressed with the entire meal. I have to admit that I've heard some mixed reviews about Annisa on the board but that goes for everywhere I suppose. Annisa is a very intimate place, not many tables and very personal.... If thats what you're looking for I fully recomend it. Anita Lo knows what shes doing & sure to impress! Oh yeah, best baby lamb chops ever!

      1. I went to Blue Hill for my last birthday, Annisa for the one before that. I preferred Annisa, mostly because I fell in love with the foie gras dumpling and the miso sable. Everything at Blue Hill was good (though the quince 3 ways dessert was rather unremarkable); the problem was nothing was great. Also, our waittress was definitely snooty and unfriendly (we are in our mid-twenties and not chic); that's definitely a big part of a nice evening for me (I must say that the bartender on the way out who gave me my coat was super nice - we were like "why couldn't he have served us?"). Given the raves on this board we likely hit a bad night food-wise but it is hard to motivate to go back with my limited fancy-dinner budget.

        1. Having been to both for "special occasions," I think Annisa has better atmosphere and food for a celebration. While I like Blue Hill a lot and think they are doing interesting things there it is not as warm as Annisa.

          You will have a great meal at either.

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            my thoughts exactly! both are lovely, but annisa is a bit more comfortable

          2. I worked with Anita Lo for a special event a couple of summers ago. She's a wonderful chef and was very inspiring for me when I was just starting out in the food biz. Had dinner there once, it was sublime. Go to Annisa, you won't regret it.