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Aug 3, 2004 03:41 PM

mermaid inn going downhill?

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I am curious...has anyone been there lately? A friend said they had a disappointing meal recently but I want more opinions. thanks

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  1. been twice, it's never been special.

    harrison is special, red cat is fair.. hard to really get those guys

    1. We've eaten there twice - both times within the last month. Very good service and great lobster rolls. Don't know what more a person could want!

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      1. re: Deenso

        Menupages says the lobster roll is "market price."

        Anybody know approximately how much that bad boy goes for these days?


        1. re: frankie_lee

          Had one yesterday and was $22 and not even comparable to the roll at Pear or Mary's which is usually cheaper. I used to live around the corner from Pearl and recently moved so I try to satisfy my cravings with the lobster roll at Mermaid Inn but am repeatedly dissapointed. There are other items on the menu that are pretty good though. I am a huge fan of both Red Cat and the Harrison though and have always been somewhat surprised that Mermaid Inn is not a little better.

        2. re: Deenso

          i only ate there once and had the lobster role, did not like it at all!!!!. i love lobster and thought that maybe i just did not like lobster roles, untill i ate at mary's fish camb and found out how good a lobster role could be. at mermaid the lobster was too chopped up and had way too much dressing on it making it sour and salty. i could not even finish it.

        3. It was never very good in the first place...

          1. Always find it satisfying, but never outstanding. But, definitely not disappointing. Depends on your expectations, I guess.

            1. Surprised to read the 'disappointed' replies. We have gone twice with friends when in the mood for good seafood & have had really good experiences with service, food & wine. We have all had several different things on the menu. Had delicious lobster rolls & oysters both times. My wife loved the crispy rock shrimp salad & spaghetti with salad on top. Had the halibut last time & it was delicious. Great wine selection did not disappoint. My only complaint is that the dining room can get a bit loud. We really like the place & plan to revisit it.