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Aug 3, 2004 02:29 PM

Business Dinner in Midtown

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Soliciting advice on the best restaurant to entertain some Wall Street types - a business celebration - but not raucous or stuffy. They are in midtown and getting them back to Grand Central is a factor. Want it to be memorable, not a steak joint but needs to have some mainstream “safe” choices as well for the less adventurous. Pricing moderate to expensive – but no Per Se (assuming one could get in). My thoughts on choices in no particular order are: Pacific Echo, Babbo, Aureole, Biltmore Room, DeGrezia, Craft, Brasserie or Tuscan. I realize this is all over the map both geographically and cuisine-wise, but looking for some direction. Thoughts?

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  1. I love Oceana, which is on 54th b/w Madison & Park (about a 10-minute walk from Grand Central) - excellent fish, good atmosphere (business-appropriate, without being stuffy).

    Django is on the north-west corner of Lex & 46th. A little more hip than Oceana, very good food, diverse menu, very close to GCT.

    In GCT, I like Metrazur (east balcony).