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Jul 28, 2004 01:01 PM

Dacquoise in midtown

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Looking for a place that sells/serves Dacquoise cake in midtown....

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  1. Give "Payard" a call, they might have them.

    1. The best is at Tartine in the West Village!

      1. Did a quick search on Menupages using the handy Find-a-Food function. Turned up The Modern. The Modern's website menus show "Hazelnut Dacquoise with milk chocolate chantilly" in the Bar room and "Milk Chocolate Dacquoise and Raspberry Sorbet" in the dining room.

        1. Fauchon on Park at 56th has a great dacquoise.

          1. Pastisserie Claude in the West Village makes them. You can prob call for a special order.