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Jul 25, 2004 08:38 PM

Mancora on 1st Avenue

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Has anyone been to Mancora, the new Peruvian restaurant on 1st Avenue at East 6th Street? Passed by it and their menu looks really good, and googling it turns up a NY Press article that heaps praise on their ceviches. Curious to hear other reports.

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  1. I've never been to Mancora and am interested to hear what people have to say. I did have Peruvian food once in EV at Lima's Taste, and it was very good.

    1. I've been to the one in Brooklyn several times. It's very decent, I've had much better, but I thought it was good, the price was right and the people running the place are super nice.

      1. Rather than starting a new thread I figured I'd revive an old one. I finally tried Mancora last night and we had a great time. The red sangria was excellent. They even had Chicha Morrado (a non-alcoholic purple corn drink that I tried when I was in Peru). We got the vegetable soup, the ceviche, the tofu saltado, the pork chops and the sutado pescado. Everything was excellent. The tofu was a little bland but was the only vegetarian option (and we had a veggie in the group).

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          I agree. My girlfriend is Peruvian, and she loves Mancora (I took her there on our first date :) ). The lomo salteado (they call it something different there... the call it "somethingelse salteado" there... Grilled beef, tomatoes, and french fries is some of the best I have had. Their ceviche is also top notch. Definately great for fine/intimate dining. Most peruvian restaurants are more deli-like in atmosphere, but Mancora is just cozy.

          Go for the Cuzquena Dark beer (on a hot day...ceviche and cuzquena are outstanding) is a unique very sweet/malty beer. Pisco sour is a good hard drink. For the meals I like the salteado mentioned above and their ceviches. Anticuchos are also good.

        2. Mancora is one of my favorite go to places and everyone I have taken there has loved it! Usually we just order a bunch of appatisers and maybe a civiche, but the best is the pork (or veggie) tamale! I don't know how authentic they are but it is just creamy corn goodness. That with the basket plantain chips and dips, the salad that is served with everything, and the addictive popcorn nut things and you have a yummy, inexpensive meal. Add a great mojito and your set. (Also I find the staff there very friendly).

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            Ate here for the first time this weekend and was amazed at the value. Food was tasty, portions large, great wine for $21 a bottle. Are there any other places in the general vicinity that you could recommend?

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              I have to say I do not like Mancora at all, but I can recommend you Punto Fijo
              on 89-12 Northern Blvd, Jackson Heights. Go on a weekend so you can have platos criollos. Their Aji de gallina is nice, as are nice their papas a la huancaina, all their ceviches and the tallarines verdes topped with steak. What no one seems to do in the city though is a GREAT arroz verde, i've been trying arroz verde in in in manhattan, bklyn, queens and jersey but i can't find one i like, if you know a place thas serves a tasty arroz verde please tell.

          2. No but Pio Pio on first and 92nd is amazing!

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              Can anyone comment on the atmosphere/decor at Mancora? I have a date tonight and wanted to go for Peruvian, I'm always happy at Lima's Taste but thought I'd try something new.

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                atmosphere is casual. def not romantic. get the chicken. delish. the steak with chimichurri is good too

                there's a pio pio on 34th between 2nd and 3rd too. soooo good.

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                  I've only had delivery, so with apologies I cannot comment on the atmo. I will say it's great bang for your buck (most notably the chicken and the ceviches). If you go, be sure to get the tiradito and pork tamales.