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Jul 24, 2004 10:45 PM

Decent lunch places around 28th St. & 5th Ave?

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I'm starting a new job next week on 28th St. & 5th Ave. Don't know the area well. Can anyone recommend nice lunch options that are not too pricey? I like everything except fast food restaurants.


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  1. For a taste of old NY and a darn good tuna melt head down 5th to Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop. It's btwn 22nd & 23rd Sts and is one of the few real lunch counters/soda fountains (and closed faced tuna melts) that are still around.

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      Any other suggestions for this area that I don't know anything about?

      Are there any good food carts around?

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        There have been some positive posts on this board about Roomali, on Lexington Av., near 27th St., which specializes in roti rolls which, I gather, are Indian wraps. Also, there's Pinch Pizza, on Park Av. S., b/t 28th & 29th Sts.

        The Shake Shack in Madison Square Park is serving up some mighty good eats: tasty burgers, wonderfully crispy crinkle-cut fries, and superb soft ice cream. Lots of outdoor tables and chairs where you can relax and enjoy the food.

        Bachi, on Lexington Av., b/t 25th & 26th Sts., has freshly-made crepes and delicious gelato.

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          Thanks, RGR!