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Jul 23, 2004 03:56 PM

Il Buco

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Can anyone tell me anyting about Il Buco on Bond St.? Whenever I pass by it, I'm always tempted to go, but I would appreciate a little feedback. Any specific reccomendations on what to order? I know the menu changes, but a general idea would be really helpful. Thanks a lot!

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  1. its fantastic. Enjoy. Be sure to buy a bottle of their olive oil or balsamic vinegar

    1. It's a really special place. The food is Mediterranean, with a lot of emphasis placed on good quality local ingredients ala Alice Waters. The service is friendly and gracious, and the atmosphere romantic, especially downstairs in the wine cellar.

      1. At Il Buco I think you are paying for great ambiance.
        It is a charming restaurant but with only decent food. The ingredients may be very fresh and from a local farmer, but I always felt I could have bought a much more interesting and sofisticated meal for the amount they charge. Perhaps I am not ‘getting’ the Buco, but it seems like a rip off to me.

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          I think you nailed it. I've always been bewildered by it's rep for superior food.

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            My husband just had dinner at Il Buco this week, and he was very unimpressed by the food.

        2. I like to go to Il Buco's for lunch. There's no line and the waitstaff is exceedingly friendly. I always have the same thing, the porchetta panino with a bottle of mineral water. The panino is fantastic (if you like pork, you'll be in heaven).

          The only negative is all the construction currently going on all around it. I like to eat outside so the construction ruins the ambiance for me.