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Jul 20, 2004 04:17 PM

Yummy, cheap food near Washington Square

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I'm starting grad school at NYU in the fall and wanted to know of choundish suggestions for yummy, cheap places to eat in the neighborhood. I'll probably bring lunch most days, but it would be great to know of a few spots nearby that people recommend. Places to grab a sandwich or things to go, as well as to sit and relax and have lunch. I've heard good things about a Dosa cart in Washington Square -- does anyone know about this?

Also, cheap places for yummy dinners nearby. Most of the places that i know in that area are good but expensive, I'd love to know about the cheaper locals.


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  1. g
    Greenwich Village

    Yumster eats can be found at the lunch buffet at Caliente Cab (you wanted cheap right) all you can eat!!

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    1. re: Greenwich Village

      Grey's Papaya on 6th ave and 8th street. Best hot dogs ever.

      1. re: Greenwich Village

        Listen Carefully. Zito's bakery on Bleeker@ Cornelia street is very good and very inexpensive for bread. Get a wedge of cheese from Gristedes (Mercer@Bleecker) and you have your lunch for a week (about 1.50 per meal). If you want to go glamorous try Punjabi indian on 1st and 1AVE... meals there run around 2.50$. The dosa cart works for about 3$ a meal. The cheese steak cart on Broadway and 4st runs the Broadway set at 3.50$ and an avocado sandwich at DOJO runs around 2.95$. The lentil soup at the falafel joint on Waverly and Mercer runs around 3$ (recently raised the price but very filling with fried pita chips) and cafe raga on St. Marks and 2nd Ave will give you a falafel sandwich and french fries for under 5$. That should hold you for the first fortnight.

        1. re: Zak Williams

          Unfortunate for all of us, Zito's has closed its doors recently.

      2. m
        MidTown Jimmi

        On Sullivan there's an Indian roll place that's great (North of Bleeker), Dojo's is good for veggie stuff (on 4th West of B'Way), Pizza Mercado on Waverly used to be good (still might be, haven't been in years), I like Two Boots on Bleeker east of B'Way.

        BTW, I'm starting graduate at NYU in the fall also (Dramatic Writing/Tisch). What division are you in?

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          The Indian place is called Kati Roll and it is pretty good for fusiony sandwiches. The same folks own the Indian Bread Company on Bleeker, right around the corner, which CK1 mentioned. It's tasty and inexpensive, as well.

        2. Another NYU Grad Student! Welcome
          There is a new Vietnamese place on LaGuardia that (called Laguardia Grill or something like that, it is near the Citibank). they have a $4.95 lunch special that is suprisingly good and lots of food. I like the grilled pork chops. This is my new favorite place to go for lots of food very cheap.

          Mamoons Falafel on MacDougal is always a great bet - $3 gets you a hot, fresh falafel.

          I also like the Indian Bread Company on Bleeker near Macdougal (between McD and 6th)- the stuffed breads are the cheapest thing on the menu (all under $4) and are quite filling and very tasty.

          Pop's Perogi is always good on a cold winter's day for some warm perogis. You'll get out under $7 with the lunch special.

          Pearl Tea House has a lunch special where you get a bubble tea, and one dim sum for $4.95 or two dim sum for $6.95- basically the bubble tea is free with this deal, yum.

          Baluchi's Indian is half off at lunch time, but they charge for rice and other sides, so it ends up being about $10 in the end anyway.

          Campus eatery (on West 4th) has a morning deal where a large coffee is $1, very helpful some mornings when you are broke and exhausted.

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          1. re: CK1

            i just got the city and am also on grad student budgetary restriction, so i've been scoping out some cheap eats....

            mamouns and the place across the street (ali baba, i think), and the place down the street (yatagan) are great for falafal and such....AND, they're even better than $'s only $2! for 2.50 they'll throw in some bhabaghanoush (sp?) or hummus and other things. shawarma is $4-5 at all three. truly a great bargain.

            on st. mark's b.w. 1st and A, there's the newly opened "dumpling man," which i've been to a few times and really enjoy. 3.50 for six; 4.50 for 10.



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              mamoons i lived on mamoons falafels when i was young and broke all the time .$2.25 a falafel and i'd buy three for a dinner two for lunch.this was in the late 80's-mid 90's

            2. When I was going to NYU one of my favorites place to go for a more special dinner was Vitorio, on Grove and Bleecker. It's not expensive, but in a student budget it was a special occasion kind of place for me.
              It's family owned and really good Italian food. They also have a lovely garden in the back.

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              1. re: Toot

                Yes, I love vittorio for dates!

              2. Ony on 6th ave between west 4th and washington place is a great noodle/soba joint, and the best thing ever on a cccccold day. their soups (the primary nourishment of sumo wrestlers, the menu says) are huge. Get one of the "Rice Balls" -- for 2 bucks, a large fist-sized triangle of warm rice, wrapped in nori, and filled with sea tangle or pickled plum. 2 makes a great lunch.

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                1. re: softserve

                  Sadly, Ony closed down a good while back. It was a really nice place for rice balls, though.