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Sep 5, 2002 12:54 PM


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We are going to visit San Fran the end of September and we are looking for a good pizza / Italian joint with a decent wine list. (Staying Downtown)

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  1. I have lived here for 30 years and am still looking for the same thing myself! If you are coming from the East Coast, you may find the pizza options in S.F. a little disappointing. Your best bet for pizza is probably TOMMASO'S on Kearny St. in North Beach. For general Italian food downtown, try SCALA'S BISTRO on Powell St., just above Union Square. Another option is FINO, on Post St., 3 blocks west of Union Square.

    1. San Francisco is not New York, New Haven or Boston when it comes to pizza. That being said, Tommasso's on Kearney in North Beach is the place to go. Lots of atmosphere, the pizzas are good, Neapolitan style, and the rest of the menu is good as well. Family owned and run, the oldest pizza place in the City (I think) and a very good wine list. Tommasso's is where the celebs go for pizza in North Beach. Willie Brown and Jerry Brown are both regulars. Long waits on Friday and Sunday nights, but worth it.

      1. If you are looking for true Italian pizza (like as in Italy) I suggest A16 on Chestnut St
        or Delfina Pizza


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          agreed with drcuisine on A16, steller food and great Italian wines by the glass, I like sitting at the bar so you can ask for recommendations the bartender is super nice and knowledgeable. I like Delfina during the day for a lunch slice sitting outside (with layers on.
          I would add Little Star as excellent pizza both the thin crust and deep pie are both yummy different styles from the above places. You can take a cab from downtown to the Divisadero street lacation, stop at NOPA down the street for one of the some of the best cocktails.

          I think Tommassio's pizza is very average.

        2. Having lived in NYC and Boston, I don't think SF falls as short of the east coast, pizza-wise, as some folks claim. Maybe in terms of atmosphere, but not taste.

          I'd suggest L'Osteria Del Forno, also in North Beach on Columbus...very good pizza and a classic old-school Italian feel (the place is *tiny*). A quick search on this board should find lots of opinions about it as well as Tomasso's, Delfina's and the others.

          1. I second Pizza Delfina. Also, Paulines and Little Star a quite tasty, though neither has the authentic italian pizzaria vibe