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What is the best tripe dish in Manhattan? I can start off by saying that the tripe soup at Little Poland Restaurant (200 2nd Avenue) is exceptional. Other tripe dishes that I'm trying to find are Trippa alla Fiorentina (Italian Style), and other ethnic dishes that make use of this most tender ingredient.

Where are the best tripe joints in our city?


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  1. My two favorite tripe incarnations in the city are at Babbo and at Pastis. The presentations are somewhat different, but both are earthy and, well, gutsy. Good and fun-chewy.

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      Al Di La in park slope has a FANTASTIC tripe stew on their menu. Get thee on a train and go!

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        I second the tripe dish at Al Di La. Well-cooked, some parts are tenderly-chewy and others just melts, in a fine red sauce well worth scraping-off with the bread. It's just that it's a 25-minute subway ride from Midtown to Park Slope in Brooklyn, plus they have a no reservation policy.

    2. To Babbos I can add Lupa's tripe which is essentially the same snd sbout half the price.

      Also don't pass up the tripe at Jung Fung served at dim sum.

      1. If you email me I'd be happy to share a Tripe recipe that I've made for alotta years: Trippa alla Romana. When you make it yourself, you can control how chewy the end result is.

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          That really is the beauty of tripe. It doesn't require much thought, but it does require much love.


        2. Love the tripe at 'Cesca - earthy and robust, served with garlicky toast. yum.

          1. I agree with the good tripe dish at Lupa and I also like the one at Peasant.

            1. Da Silvano and Bar Pitti.

              1. You can get tripe at dimsum. I think its in a blackbean sauce.

                Rinconcito peruano has a tripe dish thats kind of dry. I don't particularly like it, but food is subjective.

                Most spanish american places serve tripe soup. Most of them taste the same, they probably use the same base soup mix. The spanish chicken soup tastes similiar.

                Tehuitzingo on 10th has tripe tacos if I remember correctly.

                1. Anyone know where to find Callos a la MadrileƱa in Manhattan?


                  1. Aaron Sanchez does tripe right and momofuku has a great tripe dish on as well.

                    1. There is a focacharia on Union Street in Cobble hill called Ferdinando's. They make a tripe sicilian specialty that people who like tripe say is really really good. I go for the panelle (sp?) specials....good real stuff!

                      1. in chinatown they serve it as dim sum, cheap and delicious

                        1. el maguey y la tuna has a spicy tripe soup.