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Jul 6, 2004 10:44 AM

Hotdogs- from a butcher or homemade

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Am looking for a butcher shop or store that sells fresh, homemade hotdogs. preferably nothing that at one time was a batter pured into a mold. please help. willing to travel.

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  1. I am fairly certain the French Butcher has them. They hand grind the sirloin for you (for hamburgers) and have very good sausage as well. They were out of sirloin yesterday (busy weekend as you can imagine) and I didn't see any hot dogs (same reasoning I assume)

    The French Butcher is located on 2nd Ave. between 23 and 24th.

    1. No doubt. Empire National in Williamsburg.

      1. Any of the Polish Butchers on 1st ave South of 10th st are excelent!


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          Or Eagle Provisions at 5th Avenue and 18th St. in (south) Park Slope, Brooklyn. They have several sizes and shapes of fresh (hanging by a string) hot dog and hot dog like products.

        2. This being a New York forum, (I'm from New Jersey) I'm not familiar with the butcher shops, but I would suggest that you try the ones named. Every butcher shop or deli that I've been to that makes their own does a great job. You can't get fresher, and the homemade franks from the German/Polish butchers are from old tried and true recipes. Forgive me for plugging N.J. places, but the Union Pork Store on Morris Ave. in Union (not far from N.Y.) makes excellent franks and bratwursts. In fact, everything is good there. Customers come from miles away including one man who drives a couple of hundred miles round trip from Pennsylvania.

          One thing to keep in mind is that the franks produced by these butchers are German style, meaning that they are made from pork, beef, and maybe veal and are less agressively spiced than a kosher style frank like Sabrett, Hebrew National, Best's, or Nathan's. Two completely different styles; one a spicy (paprika/garlicky) kosher style all beef frank, the other a milder (yet flavorful) German style frank using quality beef, pork, and/or veal. Some people like one style or the other. I love both types.

          A great German style frank that you can find in Manhatten is Schaller & Weber. I don't know the adress, but the franks are great. Maybe even better than those from the German/Polish butchers in Union. I haven't been to their store, but in the summer months, I can usually get these franks at certain supermarkets near me. This dog was picked as the best German style frank in the country by David Rosengarten in the Rosengarten Report 2 years ago.

          My favorite German style frank, although not made in a butcher shop is Thumann's from Carlstadt, N.J. It might be available in Manhatten.

          1. I got some dogs from Katz's one time and they were a big hit ... a really big hit.