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Jun 30, 2004 01:38 PM

Carve on 8th - Report

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Just finished an excellent sandwich from Carve, the new lunch place on 8th and 47th. Take out only.

Opted for the Pork San Juan, described in the menu as, "Crispy Pork Shoulder, Avocado, Shallots, Lime Juice Pickled Jalapeños on Lavash (a flat bread wrap)".

Service was snappy and quick. Ordered right away at 12:45 and the sandwich was ready quickly afterward.

The sandwich was nicely composed. There were generally the proper ratios of ingredients (except for the jalapeños, which I could have done with more of). Overall size of sandwich was medium, plenty for a standard lunch, requiring a bag of salty snacks for those more hungry.

The pork was great. Think Taiwanese hamburger-type meat. A layer of nice moist meat covered by a thick ribbon of lovely rich fat. Excellent porkiness, good flavor.

The mixture surrounding was a great accompaniment. The shallots provided an underlining level of sharpness. The avocado a silky, buttery overtone. Every so often, a spicy, tart bite of a jalapeño would come through. Hints of cilantro here and there. Just an awesome sandwich.

The only downside, cost. With tax, the sandwich ran close to 9 bucks. Not cheap but definitely worth it for an occasional splurge. Most offerings are in the range, with the low end at 7 and the high at 9.

So many sandwiches to try, so little time...


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  1. is there anything available for around $5 ?

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    1. re: cheapskate

      You can create your own sandwiches with the ingredients they have (turkey, glazed ham, pork loin, etc) for $6. Anything you add though (L&T, etc) will bump it back into the $7 range.


      1. re: cheapskate

        the best deal i've found is the $6 half sandwich & small soup combo. you can pick any soup (seafood chowder was great and the cold carrot based soup was pretty good too). i've had the thanksgiving on a roll which i liked a lot and also the fried chicken sandwich (cant remember name) which was decent. definitely going back for more sampling

      2. I also had a chance to try Carve this week--I opted for a salad. The mix-in choices are great but my salad also cost close to 9 dollars and it was pretty small. The balasmic grilled onions were perfect in the salad. I am looking forward to trying that pork sandwich.

        1. Does anyone know how late they stay open? I stopped by for dinner one night, and they were closed.

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          1. re: a&w

            not sure, but Citysearch says their phone # is: (212) 730-4949. let us know if you call them and find out.

            1. re: wurstle

              It closes at 7pm, which frankly baffles me. Why stay open so late after lunch if you're not going to stay open for dinner, too? Seems to me that closing even an hour later would still allow them to capture some of the traffic heading home.

          2. Finally tried this place on Friday. I have to say, I was impressed! My friend and I split a Pork San Juan and a 4th of July Picnic. We both loved the Picnic (that fried chicken is fantastic), though I would have gotten it without the bbq mayonnaise.

            My friend also enjoyed her half of the pork, but I was less enthused. The meat itself was great, and the avocado was pleasantly ripe. But I felt like the coleslaw, which was dripping with way too much mayo, overwhelmed the sandwich. After I had scraped most of it off, I found I could better taste the other ingredients, such as the jalapenos.

            So, I suppose that's my bottom line: great sandwiches with high-quality ingredients, but way, way, way too much mayo.

            1. Just had the Thanksgiving on a roll...FUN and quite tasty. Not too heavy on mayo (as mentioned) but just the right amount of stuffing and granberry, and of course turkey.

              I'm impressed that a place finally realized that sandwiches are art.