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Jun 8, 2004 12:27 PM

good delivery in tribeca

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Does anyone know of a few good restaurants that deliver to tribeca area? I am just south of canal by the west side highway and am looking for inexpensive healthy food that can deliver

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  1. we order kitchenette for delivery-- great grilled or roast chicken, wilted greens salads..and some not so helathy choices

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      Roc on Greenwich St. has very nice Italian for delivery. Clean, simple flavors, not to done-up.

      Spice Grill is also a sure bet for Indian.

    2. Doyers Restaurant
      11 Doyers Street
      Amazing Vietnamese

      Pan Latin
      400 Chambers

      Lombardi's Pizza
      32 Spring Street
      One Of The best coal fired ovens since 1905

      1. Kitchenette's kitchen is filthy. Read the health department reports~
        Edwards has great delivery, located on W. Broadway, and 2 Rivers on Murray....surprisingly good Mexican dishes~

        1. vietcafe has great vietnamese. turks & frogs for turkish.